Autumn skin taut mask on your

Autumn skin taut mask on your right lead: the mask has many maintenance girl killer, it seems that once dry skin, many woman feel night dim, just a mask can sweep away the tired, NO NO NO! The correct use of facial mask to make your skin a new look oh! If these do not know if you even deposited every day is also a white deposited. (source: female beauty network) autumn skin taut mask to do you think a woman is not a lot of mask paste or a coating is finished? Fried chicken is simple, so a little dry skin or how the first thought is the mask, but also some of the mask of the doorway, do not believe you can see. Bath directly deposited mask? Bite! Bite! Bite! Wrong! After taking a bath, although the pores have been opened, but this time it is the state of the skin is relatively dry, then if the direct application of the mask is likely to lead to sensitive tingling and other issues, especially sensitive muscle sister paper oh. In fact, in order to make the mask better absorbed by the skin, you can take a layer of toner before the mask step. Mask essence more deposited on a number of girls feel that the mask on the time to write, but the essence of the mask, but there are still a lot, so continue to apply. This is not right. You must clear the drying mask, or the skin is much higher than that of the mask, paper mask will suck back skin moisture, what do you also mask? Deposited mask and then pat the face, you can sleep? Deposited end mask, the whole skin Q shells and tender it? Pat the excess essence and sleep? Then you second days must still feel no improvement. After mask is best to use a piece of cotton dipped toner wipe off excess essence, to avoid clogging the pores caused by closed and then what the normal skin care steps can oh! Tablet mask and smear mask which good? Focus is not the same, of course, Sheet Mask more convenient, but like smear moisturizing mask and nutrients are relatively high, so you want a significant functional mask can try to smear mask oh! # patch # mask features: convenient, fast, portable. With the patch mask, the skin is a temporary seal state, can slow down the skin surface moisture evaporation, so that the cuticle to maintain adequate moisture. # apply mask # features: free to adjust the dosage, district nursing, the use of superposition. A creamy paste installed in the jar, according to the demand of evenly on the face. Its texture is sticky, can be attached to the face through the smear on the skin to play a therapeutic effect. Dry and dry autumn and winter will come soon, first to develop a small target, such as: to be a "Bai Fumei"!相关的主题文章: