Ba Antsoru meets with Zhang Jianping, the leader of the people’s Republic of China, the people’s net rainlendar

Ba Antsoru met with Zhang Jianping Gao Shiqi, local leaders — original title: continuously improve the scientific level of Party building today (11) evening, (Jilin) provincial Party Secretary Ba Antsoru in Changchun met with Vice President Gao Shiqi to attend the National Party Building Theory in our province seminar directly under the central authority, Zhang Jianping, deputy secretary of the Work Committee of the party. Ba Antsoru on behalf of the provincial government to welcome the arrival of Zhang Jianping, and his party, and briefly introduced the economic and social development of Jilin. He said that the Jilin provincial Party Committee attaches great importance to the work of Party building, the provincial authorities at all levels of the party organization has always been closely linked to the central and provincial decision to deploy around the service center, the construction team of two core tasks, to promote the party building in the construction of the Party organizations in the field to go in front, for example. At present, Jilin is in a critical period of development, the whole province is actively building a natural, delicate gas is picturesque scenery in the political environment and a vibrant economic ecology. Hope the central organs of the party and to increase the authority of Jilin province building work support, especially to give more help and support in the party building innovation, education and training of cadres, grassroots party organizations and Party building and other aspects, so that Jilin province party rose to a new level. Zhang Jianping fully affirmed the achievements of the party building work in Jilin, and said it would further increase support for Jilin’s new round of comprehensive revitalization and development to make greater contributions. Provincial leaders Zhang Anshun, Lin Wu attended the meeting. (reporter Cao Mengnan) (Yu Hai Chong, Ma Liya: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: