Bank financial income into high-yield products 3 times by seckill brock lesnar

Bank financial income into the "3 times" high income products by seckill morning news eleven holiday coming soon, can not afford to buy a house I thought to buy some short-term financial returns, now more than 4% of the products by Rob, an on-line Yanjianshoukuai must be seckill." Ms. Zhang told reporters, with the "history of the most stringent bank financing new regulations" introduced, attractive products less and less. At present, the average yield of P2P industry has dropped from 12.5% to below 10%; the average yield of bank financial products has dropped to about 3.80%, and there is still downside; the baby product yield is reduced to less than 2.50%. Data show that the average yield of bank financial products fell from 5.26% at the beginning of the year to 4.39% at the end of last year, and this figure has dropped to 3.7% last week. A bank staff said, now guaranteed high-yield financial products rarely, basically a line was seckill, some state-controlled banks simply do not issue long-term capital preservation, banks are now more and more difficult to make money, have a lot of pressure, do not issue such products is to reduce the risk, because once the banks continue to cut interest rates. The risk is very big." In contrast to the monthly decline in yields, bank financing business fees grew strongly. "Investors certainly do not have the bank essence, some financial products invisible rate amazing, you buy more time to stay in mind." A bank financial planner said, most of the financial products will be sold in a one-time charge a fee, although the name of the cost of all kinds of financial products, and different amount of charge and is not the same, but in fact, this is an invisible "fee". (Tianfu morning paper)

银行理财收益进入“3时代” 高收益产品靠秒杀早报讯“十一长假马上就要来临,房子买不起我就思量着买些短期理财,现在收益率4%以上的产品基本靠抢,一上线就被秒杀,必须眼尖手快。”张女士告诉记者,随着“史上最严银行理财新规”的出台,有吸引力的产品越来越少。目前,P2P行业平均收益率已从12.5%降到了10%以下;银行理财产品平均收益率已经降至3.80%左右,且仍有下行空间;宝宝类产品收益率更是降到2.50%以内。数据显示,银行理财产品平均收益率从去年初的5.26%,下滑至去年末的4.39%,到上周,这个数值已下滑至3.7%。一家银行的员工表示,现在保本的高收益理财产品很少,基本一上线就被秒杀,一些国有控股银行索性都不发行中长期保本理财了,“银行现在赚钱越来越难,压力也很大,不发行此类产品也是为了降低风险,因为一旦继续降息,银行的风险很大。”与收益率逐月下降构成鲜明对比的是,银行理财业务手续费收入增长强劲。“投资者肯定没银行精,一些理财产品的隐形费率惊人,大家购买时还要多留个心眼。”一位银行理财师表示,大部分银行理财产品会在出售时一次性收取一笔费用,虽然这笔费用的名称五花八门,而且不同理财产品的收费金额和方式也不相同,但实际上,这就是一笔隐形的“手续费”。(天府早报)相关的主题文章: