Baoneng Department holdings Zhejiang bank 5.47% Hong Kong listed platform emerges tamiflu

Baoneng Department holdings Zhejiang bank 5.47% Hong Kong listed platform emerged Sina foundation exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Source: surging a Hong Kong Trade Association first revealed the relationship and treasure to Zhejiang bank. September 13th, China’s gold ocean (01282.HK) announced that the acquisition of 315 million yuan in Anhui City, Hefei treasure city project No. two, building No. 8, building No. third, a total construction area of 31 thousand and 900 square meters. After the completion of the acquisition, the above two buildings will be listed in the consolidated financial statements of the Chinese gold investment property. The company announced that due to Hefei City Jinyang China treasure to the controlling shareholder of Yao Jianhui brother Yao Zhenhua indirectly held, the two sides constitute connected transactions. This is the announcement of China Jinyang to Boland department this year to complete the acquisition of Listed Companies in Hong Kong stocks surfaced, according to the company announcement, Boland department and Zhejiang bank is not a simple relationship, but one of the more than 5% of the shareholders holdings. Baoneng department holds a 5.47% stake in Zhejiang bank back in December 2015, Caixin reported, "Boland financial funds mostly from Zhejiang banks" capital Vanke placards. According to Xinhua survey reported that the bank’s financial resources through two ways to become the main source of treasure to buy Vanke shares. On the one hand, the bank financial funds to replace the brokerage funds; on the other hand, the establishment of an indirect investment in bank financing funds Vanke holdings. The report pointed out that in November 2015, the treasure invested 6 billion 700 million yuan as an inferior, Zhejiang bank 13 billion 290 million yuan as a priority, by Huafu securities, Zhejiang Boland capital construction limited partnership funds amounted to 20 billion yuan, the size of the final. The funds through the capital, shareholder loans and other forms to enter the huge shenghua. It is worth mentioning that the China Jinyang acquisition project treasure can also revealed the relationship between lines and treasure to Zhejiang bank. According to the Zhejiang bank prior to the reply, Zhejiang bank with Vanke, Po can have normal business cooperation. However, according to the China Jinyang semi annual report shows that in March 22nd this year, Jinyang group in Hong Kong IPO Zhejiang bank, Zhejiang bank to subscribe for HK $831 million 207 million 760 thousand shares, respectively, and the total number of Zhejiang Bank H shares of the total issued shares of 6.3% and 1.19%. Price of HK $3.96 per share. Source: surging and semi annual report shows that in June 30, 2016, Jinyang group holds 5.47% stake in Zhejiang bank, to further expand the securities investment business group. Since last August, the Department of treasure actually has more than 70% stake in China’s gold ocean. This also means that the treasure can actually have Zhejiang bank shares. In March 30th this year, Zhejiang bank officially listed on the HKEx, the offer price of HK $3.96 shares. However, the person in charge of Zhejiang bank announced that the bank has never to treasure can provide funds to purchase Vanke, but to the huge Shenghua provide capital as the priority to purchase of listed financial equity theory相关的主题文章: