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Baoshan: Tengchong Customs seized smuggled elephant skin – Yunnan Channel – October 2nd, Kunming customs belongs to Tengchong customs monkey bridge crossings Lvjian field officer checked on a truck in Burma membership entry, in the vehicle pannier seized concealing transmountain carapace 6.302 kg, 1.635 kg of elephant skin. According to CITES (Convention on international trade in endangered species Convention) and other relevant provisions of the "law" of People’s Republic of China wild animal protection, elephant species, belonging to the national animal protection listed in Appendix CITES, pangolin species, belonging to two national animal protection listed in Appendix II of CITES, are prohibited by trade, carrying, mailing etc. entry and exit. Due to the high value of elephant skin, pangolin scales and so on in traditional medicine, some criminals focus their eyes on Burma, which is rich in wildlife resources, and intend to make profits after smuggling into the country. According to the average weight of each pangolin about 0.5 kilograms, the Tengchong Customs seized wild animal products means that there are at least 1 elephants, 13 or so pangolin was killed. At present, the medicinal value of elephantiasis, pangolin scales and other animal products have been replaced by other drugs. Customs advise passengers not to buy and carry endangered wildlife products during outbound travel. (reporter Wu Ping) (Sheng Yu, Xu Qian wood: commissioning editor)

保山:腾冲海关查获走私大象皮–云南频道–人民网 10月2日,昆明海关所属腾冲海关猴桥口岸旅检现场关员在对一辆进境的缅甸籍货车进行检查时,在货车储物箱内查获夹藏的穿山甲壳6.302公斤,大象皮1.635公斤。 根据CITES公约(濒危野生动植物种国际贸易公约)和《中华人民共和国野生动物保护法》等有关规定,大象属于CITES附录Ⅰ所列物种、国家一级保护动物,穿山甲属于CITES附录Ⅱ所列物种、国家二级保护动物,都禁止通过贸易、携带、邮寄等方式进出境。 由于大象皮、穿山甲鳞片等在传统医药上具有较高价值,一些不法分子将目光瞄向野生动物资源丰富的缅甸,意图通过走私进境后交易牟利。按照每只穿山甲平均获取0.5千克左右的鳞片计算,此次腾冲海关查获的野生动物制品意味着至少有1只大象、13只左右的穿山甲被捕杀。目前,象皮、穿山甲鳞片等动物制品的药用价值已经可以通过其他药品进行替代。海关提醒广大旅客,出境游时请不要购买和携带濒危野生动植物制品。(记者 伍平) (责编:木胜玉、徐前)相关的主题文章: