Because of illegal sales this year, Wuhan has 122 enterprises credit points deducted-icesword

Because of illegal sales this year, Wuhan has 122 enterprises credit points deducted the first week of November, Wuhan has 20 housing prices, housing security and the housing authority to deduct the credit and publicity for illegal sales, so far this year deducted credit housing prices has reached 122. In November 3rd, Wuhan city housing security and the Housing Authority official website announced a one-time 20 illegal housing prices list, including unauthorized sales have been deducted points of mortgage or attachment is limited to commercial housing, not within the specified time will be available for sale listings once publicly announced the sale of houses sold, deduct the score from 1 to 8 range. Which is the most points Wuhan Bo Properties Limited, the development and construction of the "Wuhan Bo Lake Cannes" project because of commercial housing sales agency commissioned without qualification, the government pricing of commercial housing sales price increase in disguise, and not in accordance with the provisions of the housing deposit supervision special account deducted 8 points. Wuhan Zhengtang Ltd, Wuhan new real estate development Co. Ltd. and Wuhan LIAN Rong Jin investment limited liability company for publishing false prices and sales progress information, malicious drive up prices, consumers rush to purchase, were deducted 3 points. Earlier this year, the development of enterprises in Wuhan credit rating system. The credit foundation is divided into 100, the credit score less than 60 points, or within one year of similar violations occurred 3 times and above, there are other serious acts of dishonesty caused significant adverse effects to the society, will be incorporated into the "warning list". The Housing Authority will carry on the development and construction of real estate projects focus on tracking and supervision, on the sale of funds in accordance with the provisions of the regulatory limit, the credit score as an important basis for the reduction or cancellation of qualification. It is reported that from the beginning of September this year, the Wuhan real estate market to carry out special rectification actions, the next step, Wuhan City real estate market regulation will highlight the focus of anti bubble, deleveraging, strictly enforce the credit limit restriction policy, effectively manage prices.相关的主题文章: