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Before the renovation must Home Furnishing lighting Raiders Daquan   1 room??? We will watch TV in the living room, guests, and family. Therefore, the main living room lighting to soft, can light up the entire space can not be strong. Ceiling can be used chandelier, not only as a light source, but also play a decorative role. You can install the lamp slot, affixed to the corner of the installation of embedded lights, can make the whole living room is bigger. The top of the TV can be hidden on the top of the wall with a strip of light to reduce the TV screen and the difference between the light behind, alleviate visual fatigue. According to the preferences of floor lamp beside the sofa, watching TV or reading the local light. ? 2 bedroom?         bedroom is a place to relax, the need for low luminosity, quiet lighting atmosphere. The bed can be placed on both sides of the lamp, with convenient night. Suspended ceiling light brightness, soft light. Small lights can create a romantic atmosphere. The 3 restaurant? Is a place for family dinners. The focus of the lighting is to make the table look like an "appetite"". At the top of the table, ceiling lamps or ceiling lamps are used, which have the characteristics of high illuminance and high color rendering. Chandelier can not be installed too high, otherwise it can not achieve the effect. Rectangular dining table can choose two circular chandelier. Chandelier with brightness, adjustable. ? 4 kitchen? The kitchen is the brightest light in the whole house, you need to set a bright environment, the best use of white light, other colors of light will affect the judgment of ingredients. Kitchen cabinets are more, in order to facilitate the extraction, you can set the lighting in the cabinet. Because people bow backlight, prone to shadow, it is necessary to increase the focus on the table and sink above the light to add lighting. ?? 5       bathroom;   toilet is every wash place, also need a bright environment. Can enjoy a person’s time in the bath, the light can be soft and warm. Also need to consider going to the toilet at night when the lights will not affect sleep. Both sides of the mirror should be light, avoid the use of dome light on the face caused by shadow. At the top of the toilet can increase the reading lamp, reading convenient toilet. Bath with a lamp belt, to create a uniform light, to avoid overhead light source to stimulate the eyes. ? 6 elderly people, the elderly should pay more attention to the use of soft light, because the elderly vision, more sensitive to light. Room light must be adequate, but also to avoid direct lighting. Lamps with shade should be chosen. Put the lamp in the bed, the convenience of the elderly by night. ? 7 children’s room, children’s room lights can be used to fit the style of the room. Pay particular attention to the lighting on the desk, so that children can concentrate on homework. Study 8???? desk, bookcase, reading area is the need to focus on the lighting area. The upper part of the desk can be provided with an adjustable angle lamp with a directional light, which can guarantee the intensity of the light and can not see the dazzling light source. The bookcase lighting, can choose fixed above the cabinet, or the lamp is convenient to take cabinet items within the ceiling. Light source is also not easy to choose the high light intensity of the white light.相关的主题文章: