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"Guizhou wine" leveraging "The Belt and Road 1875 world – Beijing new network in Guiyang in September 12, the title:" Guizhou wine "leveraging" The Belt and Road "Xiangpiao world author Hao Peng China (Guizhou) International Wine Expo, Kweichow Moutai announced: from January 2016 to August, Guizhou Moutai group and Moutai liquor series wine exports grew 12.9%, earning $110 million, the new development of overseas 10 distributors, including The Belt and Road along the country 8. Following the "Guizhou tea" leveraging The Belt and Road, also choose a same road Xiangpiao world Kweichow Moutai liquor enterprises. In the eyes of Guizhou wine "recruits" — Guizhou Wine Wine Co., Ltd. chairman Tang Dongya, high-quality Guizhou wine is gradually conquered the world, with roses and honeysuckle flowers pure fermented and then distilled wine wine, wine is romantic, and strong liquor, wine and foreign fashion, it quickly conquered the Hongkong compatriots. Take advantage of the state "The Belt and Road" Guizhou wine development strategy is the next target. East Tang told reporters that the good intentions of wine wine, East Asia, Southeast Asia market is the focus of future development. For Guizhou wine enterprises Chinese out, "The Belt and Road along the country welcomed. The Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova Wine Expo opening ceremony said, "the implementation of China Belt and Road Initiative" strategy, to promote bilateral friendship and bilateral economic and trade exchanges and cooperation has played a huge role in promoting. Kalmyk said, Moldova is the most important Silk Road Economic Zone on the Wine producing country, Wine industry as Moldova’s national symbol and strategic industry has been the government attaches great importance to. Wine expo is a good opportunity to promote trade between Moldova and Chinese friendship, sublimation, Moldova would like to use the special geographical location and convenient traffic conditions, to create a good business environment for international and domestic investors, promote more enterprises to enter the European market Chinese. Wine expo, Guizhou International Wine Fair Limited by Share Ltd to "big tourism + Wine Expo" as the breakthrough point, around the "drunken beauty of colorful Guizhou" theme, launched the first tourist routes to wine themed products — the "Huangguoshu Waterfalls + Moutai Maotai Tour", "tour with wine", attempts by the upgrade single wine industry to the transformation of wine tourism integration ". To wine for the media, show the advantages of the introduced project. In September 9th, the sixth session of the Guizhou wine expo officially opened, a total of 6000 home buyers, about 12000 people, among them, Guizhou province 3500, about 7000 people; overseas buyers have 50, about 100 people, the audience is expected to more than 20 people. After the opening ceremony of the investment and trade cooperation projects focused on signing ceremony, signed a total of 2414 projects, involving an amount of 215 billion 90 million yuan, of which the signing of the project site, involving an amount of $36 billion 140 million. Let the world people, selling the world wine. From the Miao girls to wear silver blonde foreign friends, welcome guests to wine wine tasting wine to make light of travelling a thousand li from the terminal building, regardless of Moutai, Fenjiu or Lafite, Bordeaux…… September 9th to September 12th, capital flow)相关的主题文章: