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Beijing set up a network of 7 new groups of inspectors inspectors inspection of production safety in construction field in the Beijing News (reporter Wang Mengyao) yesterday morning, Beijing city held a production safety emergency teleconference, briefed the meeting on the Jiangxi Fengcheng power plant collapse, and suggest that Beijing will set up 7 groups of inspectors, inspection of production safety next month the situation within the city to carry out comprehensive supervision, the construction field to focus inspection. Beijing city administration secretary Zhang Shusen said that the City Commission set up 7 groups of inspectors to carry out comprehensive supervision on the safety production in various regions, big check. Inspectors from December 1st to the end of December 20th. The inspector for the government in the city’s 16 district and Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone, key inspectors: governments at all levels and the relevant departments and enterprises to implement the State Council and the municipal government on the system of measures to curb serious accidents, safety inspections, fire prevention and control and the beginning of the end of winter and spring production safety work of the deployment of the implementation, the State Council inspectors groups of inspectors from the implementation of the rectification and completion of early production safety key tasks. Focus on examination of all kinds of enterprises fulfill the main responsibility for production safety, enforcing the rules and regulations, strengthen the safety management and monitoring of major hazard source, strengthen key facilities safe operation of the device maintenance, implement the winter safety precautions and accident investigation and risk management situation of safety production. The inspectors take four not two straight way to carry out, the inspectors did not convene a special meeting to listen to the report, went straight to the inspectors. At yesterday’s meeting site, Zhang Shusen also mentioned that the inspectors to carry out targeted inspectors, in particular, to focus on the field of construction inspection. In the remediation of illegal acts are subject to high limit penalties Beijing City Vice Mayor Wang Ning at the meeting yesterday said, "11? 24" accident once again sounded the alarm, the accident is painful. Beijing in the field of underground pipelines and other industries there are still a lot of hidden dangers, the total amount of the accident is still large, prone to accidents, the situation still exists. Wang Ning said, the beginning of the year, construction, transportation, supermarket, underground pipelines and other industries running busy. The construction schedule, rush deadlines, holiday, business promotion and other activities of many kinds of pipeline overload problem, it should be paid more attention. To strengthen the field of construction safety supervision. Increase the intensity of the implementation of real-time dynamic monitoring and inspection of transport enterprises, according to the law to investigate and deal with illegal operations, overloading, speeding, fatigue driving and other traffic violations. Hotels, scenic spots to increase the use of fire, electricity, gas safety management, to prevent the occurrence of fire and other accidents; to strengthen the comprehensive management of underground space underground pipelines. Strengthen the city’s underground space rental scattered people to clean up, fundamentally eliminate the hidden dangers of underground space, etc.. Wang Ning mentioned to strengthen the construction industry in the field of safety supervision, to highlight the safety supervision of the city center, the new airport and other major construction projects. In addition, no snow, windy weather forced organization.相关的主题文章: