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Beijing this weekend ushered in the first peak of 10 tours red   landscape area list – Beijing channel: original title: Beijing this weekend ushered in the first reward red peak in late autumn, Beijing botanical garden, Simon Lane leaves covered with branches, with the thick of autumn. Reporter Wu Dishe newspaper news (reporter Wang Haiyan) and the autumn is coming again to ascend enjoy the good season of red leaves. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Municipal Gardens Bureau, the City suburb red point discoloration rate exceeded 50%, Badaling, Baihua Mountain, Labagoumen, Yudu mountain red spots have entered into the best viewing period. This weekend, Beijing will usher in the first peak of red tours. Municipal Gardens Bureau responsible person, from 2002 onwards, the city started the implementation of color species afforestation project, in accordance with the "construction principle of concentrated, the formation of scale, prominent landscape", around the area, places of historic interest and scenic beauty scenic area, leisure area, mountain area and the main road before the face, on both sides of the river and other key areas, create the ecological landscape cenglinjinran, the wanshanhongbian. Only in the past 5 years, the city’s new color forest 106 thousand acres, and completed nearly twenty thousand acres this year. Pinggu, Huairou, colorful forest in Miyun, Changping, Yanqing, Mentougou, Fangshan, Shunyi, Haidian, Fengtai and other areas along the mountain hill before the face of these new building distribution, together with the original colorful colorful forest resources, forest resources distribution of the city area has more than 400 thousand acres. The formation of 10 color and 6 color landscape with the landscape, and more than one hundred acres of color landscape, leaves the tour without zaduier to xiangshan. In addition, from the northwest to the southeast plain red mountain becomes red, ornamental period from late September to mid November after nearly two months. In 10, Badaling District 1 red leaf Landscape — Yanshan Tianchi – Barry Landscape Gallery – 2 seasons flowers, Aries – Juyongguan – Ming Dynasty Tombs – ditch – 3 Yanshou Temple Lake – Qinglong Gorge – Hongluo Temple, Mutianyu 4, Miyun Reservoir – Xian – Highway 101 – treatment tower 5 Gubei Town, Chang Jin Road, Huangsong Yu – Jinhaihu, Qinglong 6, Choi Chang gold – – dance in Lotus Hill 7, Phoenix Valley – Taishan – Yang – Xiangshan – Xishan Jiufeng 8, Lingshan, 9 North Palace – 1000 suanglongxia – Pearl Lake – Jingxi eighteen – Miaofeng Mountain – Tanzhe Temple – Tan jietaisi, 10 Shihuadong – Po Feng Ling – yunjusi – Xian Qi hole – Shidu (commissioning editor Bao Congying and Gao Xing)相关的主题文章: