Beijing – VIDEO – Lanzhou Car Free Day people take the bus, riding a bike and walking trip in the Ye

Beijing – VIDEO – Lanzhou "Car Free Day": people take the bus, bike riding, walking in the Yellow River travel Lanzhou "Car Free Day": people take the bus, bike riding, walking in the Yellow River travel [comment] in September 22nd, Tenth China city car free day. This day, Lanzhou held a free water bus ride, green and other public activities, a lot of people involved "specifically" to change the way to travel, follow the "Car Free Day" advocated by the concept of green travel. As the only one to wear the city of the Yellow River and the city, Lanzhou, the Yellow River water bus opened nearly three years, the local people and foreign tourists attention and love. 22 morning, the reporter saw in the port of Lanzhou, came to the people by boat in a continuous line, in addition to the habit of travel groups, the remaining people who came to experience the fun of travel by boat "". [third year period] deputy general manager of Lanzhou water public bus limited liability company Zhang Jianhong we water bus opened today, in the annual car free day our free water bus, from the overall situation this year, this year the number increased more than in previous years, our flight. The number of relatively more. According to the two and a half years of operation, more and more people take the water bus, from a lot of people do not understand do not know now from this piece of work, every day there are about 300 fixed, fixed water bus to work, their evaluation of water transportation is convenient, fast, comfortable, not the occurrence of congestion phenomenon. [comment] on the same day, "2016 Chinese City Car Free Day Green ride departure ceremony" was held as scheduled, hundreds of cyclists riding ring, promote green low-carbon concept. [Wang Jiming] over riding friends per year in September 22nd, we will organize the majority of the friends of the ride, in this relatively large team to go for a ride, and then caused public concern, is the cause for their bike and walk this way, green concern. If we are to ride more walking, less emissions, then slow down the city’s congestion, I think our whole city operational efficiency, and each of us can improve the work efficiency. [comment] in recent years, with the construction of Metro Line 1 project, Lanzhou officially into three-dimensional traffic, clean energy public transport on the road gradually large area public bicycle running and running, will be more subtle green travel into every people living in Lanzhou. Gao Ying Cui Lin Gansu, Lanzhou相关的主题文章: