Beijing West Century kiln Temple renovation completed in the future will be open to the public –

West Beijing Century kiln Temple completed renovation will be open to the public – future Sohu culture channel newspaper news (reporter Zuo Ying) is located in the West Beijing Mentougou town of Longquan century kiln Temple today completed renovation, which is the city’s only a kiln temple. After the kiln Temple continues to improve the content of the exhibition, the future will be open to the public. Longquan is located in the ancient town of the temple of the ancient town of Mentougou, known for its high quality coal in North China, Mentougou district is also named after. The town is located between Beijing and Xifeng mountains, north of Jiulong Mountain, Nanyinan beam, the middle of a river valley through the town, on both sides of the Valley contains abundant black ughin. In this valley, there is a legendary small village — Ring Gate Village, the town of Longquan is like a pearl in the palm. After the Ming and Qing Dynasties, ring gate village not only coal mining industry developed gradually, has driven the economic industry chain in coal production as the main body of the derivative, and around the life and customs of coal production breed also came into being. Worship to bless people engaged in the production of coal and coal production safety as the main characteristics of the coal kiln God, is the custom of the most characteristic, also reflects the rise and fall of Mentougou coal mining. Reporters today in the repair of the old kiln inside the temple to see, the first into the courtyard shows the main kiln God culture related content, including the kiln God legend, kiln God worship, kiln God folk. Second into the courtyard to circle the main body of the kiln and the kiln Temple of the temple of the people and events, showing a lot of kiln production and life of the kiln and the restoration of the temple.相关的主题文章: