Black police shot the United States Sherlock riots occurred for two consecutive days xhero

Black was the police shot the Sherlock after two days of riots in some of the protesters to responsible for maintaining order in the riot police threw bottles and garbage, and the deliberate destruction of police vehicles parked at the scene. China News Agency, Washington, September (22) local time on the evening of 21, the United States, Sherlock, North Carolina, riots occurred for the evening of second. Sherlock, director of the city of police, 22, said the evening of riots caused by a total of 9 civilians and police officers were injured, the arrest of 44 people, 5. On the afternoon of 20 May, the black man Sherlock, aged 43, was shot and killed by a black policeman in the northeastern city of Scott. This caused the local residents for two consecutive nights held protests, two demonstrations eventually evolved into violent clashes between the police and the public. North Carolina Governor McCrory announced the evening of 21, the state of emergency in the city of Sherlock. At present, the focus of the case focused on whether the police shot Scott there is sufficient reason. According to information disclosed by the police, Scott in the event of possession of firearms, and repeatedly refused to obey the police put down the gun command. But Scott’s family insisted that Scott did not hold a gun, they asked the police to open live video. She had 22, said at a press conference, the police agreed to the family show live video, but will not open to the public. Zhang said that the scene can not clearly determine whether the video Scott armed, but witnesses and evidence that the disposal of the police is reasonable. Sherlock, chief state attorney Murray 22, said in a statement, should be requested by the family of Scott, he has applied for investigation of the case of the North Carolina investigation bureau. On the Internet, the people of the United States for Sherlock riots attitude varies. Some people criticize the police law enforcement misconduct, investigation is not transparent, some people think that peaceful demonstrations should not be turned into a riot, others will be directed against the government. Said the White House spokesman Ernest 22 at a regular press conference on the subject, President Obama in the past few years has repeatedly on the relationship between the police and the black community’s position, he believes in a pressing matter of the moment is to build trust between the two, improve the relationship. But this is a very complex issue, involving police enforcement, judicial system reform and racial issues, etc.. Ernest said that these problems can not be ignored, must be addressed. 22 day, North Carolina National Guard has been deployed in the main locations in Sherlock, responsible for maintaining order. According to The Associated Press, Sherlock has not yet imposed a curfew. The situation is generally stable. (end)相关的主题文章: