Black science and technology failed, because not enough black punyu

Black technology failed only because of a lack of "black" — game on the VR Boy topic, coincided with a boom in VR, also makes some Nintendo fans on micro-blog to question the author: as a black technology products, it becomes a fixed host only from the mobile handheld, it is doomed to fail? I had also said, this is one of the key "root cause". But on the other hand, is it really a black technology? At least, in my opinion, it’s a bit drab. VR Boy is available on the Internet, online game magazine "the earliest Game Zero" gave it a bad review: Nintendo has been trying to "virtual reality" to promote the concept of VR Boy, but it is not. The magazine gives the reason is very simple, the picture is not a problem, as was the first home game device using the LED screen, the pixel in the era of the game, the red LED monochrome display its built-in two block 384224 resolution, can support 128 contrast black and red display, the basic paradigm of VR helmet design become standard just follow the resolution, equipment gradually improve. But it is still not on the VR device, because it can not achieve virtual reality head tracking. Simply put, that is, you can only look at a fixed screen, followed by the provisions of a good lens route to see a more three-dimensional film. VR Boy known as the first VR game equipment, with the appearance of black technology, naturally by the parties tucao". VR helmet manufacturer Oculus founder Palmer luckey believes that no? Head tracking function of the VR Boy, not fully comply with the VR standard is a monochrome 3D tv. Not "black", is actually present many black technology products boast fatal flaw, in fact, these products are affixed with a label rushed to the market quanqian. Just look at the game, how, how many VR games can really follow the movement of the head and the game player is free to rotate to realize full open map? Then Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi in the launch of the VR Boy said in a statement: Nintendo irony strategy has been, only when the technological breakthrough allows us to provide innovative entertainment experience for users worldwide, will launch a new hardware system. Obviously, the so-called technical breakthrough, has not reached the level of user can really feel, or just a laboratory product, did not reach the consumer level. Even after a lapse of 20 years, VR has not yet become standard equipment game equipment independent and powerful. In order to correctly understand the black technology aura of the game equipment, it is possible to narrow the scope of the previous failure of the VR Boy and the subsequent success of somatosensory game Wii simple comparison. That year, VR Boy can be described as a heavyweight Nintendo products, one side of the city on the supporting launch of 22 games, and most support VR experience. You know, most of the game’s starting game is often only one digit. In contrast, Wii, although the market has been 10 years, but in the somatosensory technology is still "tough", the first 15 games in the game less than half, mainly by "the legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess" "Lehman" etc.)相关的主题文章: