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Black Shirt Is A Must Have Commodity In Your Wardrobe Posted By: Ghayour Ali Previously there was a small series of colors for dress shirts for men i.e. white, blue or brown. These were the standard colors in the corporate world, but now black has taken the place. Mostly, black dress shirts are selected for business wears. Black is such a vibrant color which is usually related with power and sophistication. It is the color of furtive and appeals a sense of something mysterious. People, who choose black dress shirts as their favorite cloth, are often artistic and delicate in nature. These people are absolutely not loners, they are careful with the details of their lives and do not share easily with others desiring to wait, until they are comfortable to share their feelings. Men can wear black shirts with gray, along with a nice black jeans and boots. Avoid wearing white shoes and white tie with black shirts, as white is too rigid and too much contrast. Black dress shirts look good with khaki pants. Moreover, they can be worn with cream, off-white, and dress pants. Black on black is also fine. Avoid color brown with black shirt. Light gray pant with black shoes to match with shirt would look really good.

black dress shirt Choosing Odd But Eye Catching Colors For Custom Dress Shirts Posted By: Jhones Kenly Black custom Dress Shirts A Black Dress shirt makes great accessory to a man’s wardrobe if one knows what colors to match the shirt with and when to wear it. Here are a few tips on wearing a black dress shirt. Wear at night or on a date: Black dress shirts were always considered as casual shirts. That is why men were always advised to avoid wearing a black shirt for job interviews and business meetings where the formal look is encouraged. However, with the changing trend of fashion and style, men can now flaunt in any color they want. The best occasion for a black dress shirt is probably at a nightclub or on a date. Black Dress Shirt can match jeans, khakis and suits perfectly yet always make you look fabulous. Tie to match with: When choosing a tie for a black tailor made shirt, you should be very cautious. Remember never pick the white color tie. It will make you look like a bridegroom. Try to choose graphical and colorful tie that have patterns or colors pops against the black. Matching trousers and other accessories: you can wear black dress shirt with black shoes and belt.

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