BlizzCon watch pioneer QA third season at the beginning of December

BlizzCon watch pioneer QA third season in early December began to watch the pioneer Q& BlizzCon 2016; A link, game player presents many interesting problems, developers are one answer. In response to the needs of domestic players, Xiao Bian on the Q& A link of the problem of a simple arrangement, the following to see what are the interesting problems. Q: the vanguard of the role has its own story background, and are very attractive, whether there will be a story mode? A: the previous halloween event is the PVE story mode, but the focus of our current PVE is still on World of Warcraft, may be in the vanguard of the future will continue to increase the PVE story mode. Q: immediately after joining the 1V1 and 3V3 mode, how to ensure their competitive nature? A: we are still testing, now that the 1V1 and 3V3 mode has its playability, we hope to see the views of the players after the test launch. Q: before the vanguard of the animation is very good, I like the angels, I would like to ask when the angel animation will be launched? A: angel is a very special hero, we also hope to see her animation quickly, but now we can not reveal too much information. Q: when would you like to add the 21:9 display mode in the game? A: at present we are collecting relevant data to test the effect of 21:9 on the performance of the game, after the completion of the test will add 21:9 display mode. Q: sometimes in the game, the technology is relatively poor and do not want to communicate with teammates teammates, this game experience is very poor, can not build a force into the voice of the team? A: we are currently set up voice and voice friends, the purpose is not to force all players into the team voice. We encourage players to enter the team in the game voice communication, but will not insist. The optimization of our future will be through the interface of UI and team function, to guide the game player to enter the ranks of speech. Q: during the Halloween activities, we see the Hollywood map should be very good to see the corresponding changes, other maps will consider making a similar change? A: we’re thinking about adding weather elements to the map, and we like to change the map. Q: the future will be in the game to increase the choice of map matching mechanism? A: in the fast game, we want players to match as soon as possible to the game, to increase the choice of map options will have an impact on the match speed. In the competitive mode may be considered to increase the selection of maps for the ranking mechanism. Q: if you miss the Olympic Games and Halloween skin, there will be ways to get it? A: for this issue, we are also listening to the views of community players, perhaps the future will increase the way money purchases. Q: on how to watch the vanguard League specific arrangements? A: watch the pioneer League in addition to the professional league, we will set up for ordinary players to participate in the Amateur League, but also for the top amateur players to build a career.相关的主题文章: