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Hardware .puter problems have made it useless for users to work normally on their systems. Its because when the .puter is affected by some tough PC problems then, the user is restricted to calling the .puter professional at home. But this cant happen all the time because sometimes the user is in quite an emergency and needs an immediate solution for the problem. So, a website that offers a .plete guide on .puter problems and solutions is as useful for the user as it allows him to enable fast implementation of the .puter issues. Sometimes, such errors creep in so accidentally in the system, that the user should know how to fix them. Its because without immediate resolution, the users cant use the machine which means delayed delivery of work. A blue screen death error which is quite dreaded can occur due to issues like device driver confusion. This confusion occurs because the software that regulates the use of a modem, scanner or a printer has asked the operating system for something that can be harmful for the basic operations of a .puter. Apart from this device issue, the blue screen error can also occur because of a wrong .mand provided by any program. the latter cause is often due to the modified registry entries which happens when the system gets some virus on it. A blue screen of death can be hence cured by reverting the state of the driver to the prior state when no modifications had been made. Therefore, its quite useful that the users should be aware of the system restore functionalities which can guide them to the process of driver rollback. Registry restore can also be done but before that system restore is extremely necessary to be able to log on to the system. The best way to look for a .plete resolution from this PC problem is to restart the .puter in safe mode through the F8 key and then use the System Restore option. Apart from that, if there is no blue screen immediately as soon as the user logs on to the system, it can be cured by uninstalling the fault drivers which are the cause of the problem. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: