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Automobiles Centuries ago, cars are only used for transportation of goods and for personal use. But these days, cars are getting into sports that many people find it enthusiastic. It can be considered as an addiction since a car fanatic can enter the world of make-believe especially if the person cant afford to buy his own car. There are some that seems very lucky having a wealthy lifestyle that they are able to collect everything they want even if it is expensive, just like cars. BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG), a German automobile, engine and motorcycle manufacturing company that produced a total of 1,481,253 automobiles as of 2010 and is distributed worldwide can be categorized under luxury cars classification. Almost all their models are designed for sports that has an extraordinary speed compare to other car models. This brand has been one of the most favorite collectibles especially by men which they consider as their toys. Focusing on BMW E91 2005, it belongs to entry level luxury or compact executive car class which represents the D (large cars) market segment. It is the Touring model of BMW E90 which happens to be a station wagon model of BMW 3 Series. Since 2004, the physical attributes of this model is defined as a 4-door sedan with a convertible body shape, notchback coupe, and station wagon which means it has a body style that is instead of trunk lid, it comes with the roof extended rearward over a shared cargo volume accessing the back via third or fifth door. BMW E91 2005 with a manual transmission and 6 gears has a maximum speed of 130mph with acceleration of 9.1sec that is obviously designed for sports purposes. It pumps out 163PS with 340Nm torque and freely revives to 5,000rpm. It is still considered as a sports car though the range includes a 330d and 228bhp. BMW E91 2005 with dimensions of 178inLx71.5inWx55.inH has a curb weight of 3318lbs. As for the powertrain, BMW E91 2005 is a diesel engine and fuel type. Common rail as its fuel system and turbocharger for the charging system, it contains 4 valve cylinders. In terms of performance, BMW E91 2005 runs with a very little road noise even on rough surfaces. It also has ample space in the compartment for mechanical tools for a station wagon, luggage and even pets which is suitable for outdoor purposes. And the nice part with owning a BMW E91 2005, compare than normal sedan model cars, it runs 15mph faster even with 6 persons aboard. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: