Boeing 737 completion and delivery center is located in Zhoushan, Zhejiang manufacturing off t6570

Boeing 737 completion and delivery center located in Zhoushan, Zhejiang manufacturing "take off" in October 28th, Hangzhou. Within two days, this is the West United Holdings Group Chairman Wang Shuifu second and Boeing executives met. 27, in Tianjin, West Airlines and Boeing signed a B737 aircraft interior project contract. Through technical certification after subsequent West Airlines will become Private Airlines Boeing suppliers in the first domestic enterprises. The 28 day of the meeting is to witness the release of an absolutely heavy news – the Boeing 737 completion and delivery center located in Zhejiang, Zhoushan. The good news in the Zhejiang circle of friends in a huge wave of energy "". The reporter then interviewed experts and entrepreneurs in the field. A consensus is: the Boeing 737 completion and delivery center in Zhoushan, its extraordinary significance, it is an important opportunity to integrate Zhejiang into the global value chain, it set a benchmark for the manufacturing of Zhejiang towards the end, it is Zhoushan and Zhejiang’s economic future a new growth pole. Some experts have warned that Zhejiang entrepreneurs to seize the opportunity, must have ambition and perseverance, early transition. Zhejiang high-end manufacturing short board "this is a strategic opportunity!" Long term Research Institute of Regional Economic Development Planning Institute, deputy director of the Economic Research Institute, said Pan Yigang, Boeing 737 completion and delivery center in Zhoushan, Zhejiang, the strategic significance is very large. Boeing is the world’s leading aerospace industry company, is the world’s largest manufacturer of civil aircraft. Boeing 737 completion and delivery center located in Zhoushan, becoming the only one outside the United States and the completion of the delivery center of the United States, to make up a major high-end manufacturing Zhejiang short board. To the aviation industry, the domestic Xi’an, Nanchang, Harbin, Shenyang and other cities have a certain basis, and Zhejiang basically No. Zhejiang University School of economics professor Jin Xuejun told reporters that the formation of this situation has historical reasons: due to Zhejiang is located in the southeast coast of the front line, which is not included in the layout of the high-end manufacturing. In this regard, there is no access to the national level of industrial layout has been made in Zhejiang short board. In this context, Boeing 737 to complete the completion and delivery of the Center settled, the meaning is very different. Lan Jianping, President of the Provincial Institute of industry and information technology, said the big plane is a symbol of modern industry, is the crown of modern industry". Large aircraft is currently the world’s largest parts of the machine, the general car has 10 thousand to 20 thousand unit parts, and the Boeing 737 aircraft has about about 400000 parts – the so-called advanced manufacturing, which can be seen. The arrival of Boeing is tantamount to giving Zhejiang a chance to enter the global value chain division of labor cooperation system." Lan Jianping stressed that Zhejiang should take advantage of the opportunity, seize this historic opportunity, accelerate the transformation and upgrading. Transformation and upgrading of the province’s Roadmap, which is Zhejiang manufacturing transformation and upgrading of road signs!" 28 evening, in the Great Hall of the people in a conference hall, when a reporter asked Wang Shuifu how to evaluate this super large projects settled in Zhejiang, he stressed over and over again this sentence. West Airlines is Boeing in Chinese composite parts of the first private suppliers. Boeing built the completion and delivery center at home, which makes Wang Shuifu feel.相关的主题文章: