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The condensate is usually returned to boilers for steam generation. If not removed, impurities and oils can increase scaling in the boiler reducing thermal efficiency, plug valves and foul ion exchange resins in condensate polishers. Condensate recycle systems require an activated carbon with very low silica, magnesium, and calcium leaching characteristics. High pressure boilers are sensitive to silica (SiO2) as it volatilises with the steam and then deposits on turbine blades. Hardness, calcium and magnesium ions deposit in boilers as carbonates. Boyce Activated carbon has been developed to meet these demanding requirements. Boyce Activated carbon is a high purity granular activated carbon designed for the purification and decolourisation of aqueous and organic liquids where low ash and low leachables content are required. Boyce Activated carbon is particularly suited to the treatment of steam condensate for recovery. Boyce Activated carbon is an acid washed high purity high activity granular activated carbon manufactured by steam activation from carefully selected coconut shell charcoal. This grade is particularly suited for ultra-pure water treatment systems requiring low conductivity and exceptionally high purity. This material is also specifically recommended for the removal of heavy hydrocarbons from condensates. The acid washing process removes soluble silica (SiO2) from the matrix of the activated carbon to prevent leaching into the condensate. When used for the removal of hydrocarbons from condensate, Boyce Activated Carbon is characterized by a large adsorptive capacity for oil (approximately 30 weight percent), and levels of silica release into condensate that are much lower than that typical for standard coconut carbons. Boyce Activated Carbon offers distinct advantages over such coal based pellets by being denser, harder and lower in ash. As Boyce Activated Carbon possesses a 20 percent greater density than coal, based palletized products an absorber loaded with Boyce Activated Carbon will exhibit a greater hydrocarbon capacity overall as it contains 20 percent more carbon. The high hardness of the Boyce Activated Carbon results significantly less attrition of the carbon in the absorber and lower release of fine carbon particles into the condensate during absorber operation. However, most importantly in respect of condensate treatment applications, the higher purity of the Boyce Activated Carbon (less than 25 percent of the ash content of the acid washed coal pellet) means that the product offers much less silica leach into condensate significantly reducing back wash requirements and reducing the risk of potential boiler or turbine problems. Coal based carbons produce significantly greater silica leach than coconut based carbon products as their ash composition contains large alumino-silicate content and even after acid washing this can only be reduced to approximately 3 percent residual ash. Plant operational experience has confirmed that Boyce Activated Carbon requires significantly less backwashing than the acid washed coal based pellet products to achieve required silica release levels. Boyce Activated Carbon required 100 bed volumes of backwashing to achieve SiO2 of less than 0.1 mg/L at 80 C whereas an acid washed 0.8 mm coal based product required approximately 1,000 bed volumes. The benefits of condensate treatment and recovery with Boyce Acid Washed Activated carbon include: Lower water treatment costs as less make up water is required with the condensate recovery. Lower waste water treatment cost as condensate is recovered rather than going to waste. 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