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Brecon bacon National Park, a British old man’s poetic life – beautiful tourism market Sohu town of Abergavenny is Welsh’s portal, here is only a few miles from the England border, has always been heavily gathered place. Abergavenny castle is the door to Welsh, the first, the people of the conquest of the castle here, the construction of the castle in order to guard against the resistance of the people of Welsh. Later, the castle became the stronghold of Welsh’s offensive against England. Another strong castle, also can not resist the gunpowder era, today the Abergavenny Castle only canyuanduanbi, only repair a building, opened as a museum, back hundreds of years ago amidst the winds of change. Welsh had more than and 600 castles, each with its own story. Gliffaes Country HouseHotel Powys in the night tonight, which is located in a forest country house hotel, not the person is not easy to be found. Here the Brecon bacon National Park, before that, many people come to Gliffaes for a few days. Shanghai to London virgin flight VS251, in that I focus on Welsh’s trip to the United Kingdom, a flight from Welsh to take enthusiastically recommended to me from their own home, including the Villaggio Boutique Hotel. The airline Upper Class is suitable for communication, in addition to sit at the bar, while enjoying the airlines take the bartender, and chatted with new friends, but also in each seat, raising the white table, face to face, the very idea of design. Gliffaes Hotel the sun room, lobby bar, dining room has a fireplace, in the evening, the fire gradually, warm. In addition to a few of us, the other is the local old people in the United Kingdom, or the couple, or a couple of couples together, drink and chat, when they are old, this is the idyllic life. They are very curious to ask us, this kind of Villaggio Boutique Hotel are they these old people to live, why do you young people will choose here? We answered, quiet or Xu Fang can release the pressure on the city, can also be a glimpse of the old man how to live. The old people second days is headed to the Brecon bacon National Park, perhaps the road will encounter them. After 8:30 in the evening, the old man began to have a formal dinner, the wine is just a prelude, this delicious meal of at least three to enjoy more than 10 points. Some sigh, want to enjoy life, but also really have a good body. The second day early in the morning, the lawn covered with thick dew, walk on, like through the snow, traces of a string. Old people in Britain got up late and didn’t have breakfast until nearly ten. The courtyard and around Gliffaes Hotel, there are hundreds of years old, from the hotel to step down, there is a clear river, many British people, especially the elderly, summer more willing to stay here for a few days, enjoying the quiet outside, but a poor fishing in the river. Legs good, can also walk,.相关的主题文章: