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Arts-and-Entertainment In the last MBAUniverse.. article, you have known the syllabus and analysis of the Quantitative Ability section of the past five years of CAT. Today we will discuss the syllabus, pattern and analysis of the Verbal Ability section. CAT Exam 2005 In the Verbal Ability section, there were 30 questions out of 90 questions in CAT Paper 2005. The options of the Reading .prehension questions were very close to each other which had confused the CAT takers while choosing the correct option. The number of Reading .prehension Passages was three. There were 12 questions in the Reading .prehension section. According to T.I.M.E., the grammar questions were quite tricky. The paragraph .pletion had no clear answers which confused the takers a lot. Overall, this was a moderate to difficult section. CAT Exam 2006 There were 25 questions out of 75 total questions in the Verbal Ability section. According to T.I.M.E. this section was more than difficult. The regular questions in this section such as grammar and para jumbles were not there. Questions on Facts, Inferences and Judgement were there. The Reading .prehension passages were difficult to .prehend apart from one. CAT Exam 2007 This year the number of CAT Reading .prehension passages four. There were 25 questions in the section. The Reading .prehension passages were long and difficult to understand giving the CAT takers a tough time. The five choices of the questions too were close to each other. The grammar questions too were very difficult to handle. Questions on grammar and Paragraph .pletion too were tricky with close choices. Only the questions on Para Jumbles words and phrases brought respite to the CAT takers in the Verbal Ability section. CAT Exam 2008 CAT Paper 2008 made a record by offering the highest number of questions in the Verbal Ability section. Out of 90 questions, 40 questions were in this section itself, proving the importance of English language in the CAT exam paper . The section was of moderate to difficult level of difficulty. The number of Reading .prehension passages was same as last year, four. The passages were of 700 to 900 words. There were 20 questions from the Reading .prehension section only. But this part was less tricky than the English Usage section. The Verbal Ability section of CAT Paper 2008 covered all the aspects of the English language such as Verbal logic, Vocabulary and Grammar. The Vocabulary and Sentence Correction questions were similar like last year, i.e. tricky. The Para .pletion questions were easier .pared to the other questions. In English Usage area the questions based on Fact, Inference and Judgement and Para Jumble were missing. Fill in the Blanks, variety of Sentence Correction questions and Vocabulary based usage were major .ponent of this section. CAT Exam 2009 Like the other two sections, the Verbal Ability section too had 20 questions in CAT 2009 which went .puter based from this year. The difficulty level of this section was moderate. The questions were from the conventional areas such as Reading .prehension, Sentence Rearrangement, Sentence Correction, Sentence .pletion and Critical Reasoning. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: