Catching Fire – The Hunger Games Book

Fiction After rising out of the poorest District, 12, to win The Hunger Games, Katness Everdeen and her co-tribute Peeta, should have been able to expect lives of safety and contentment, but that is just not the case for the winner of The games. President Snow, leader of Panem and organizer of The games, makes an unscheduled visit to Katniss and Peeta. He is troubled by vague rumors of insurrection brewing in the background and he is also troubled by the apparent linkage of winners with the revolutionary rumors. This is the world that Katniss and Peeta find themselves as they make a grand tour of all of the losing Districts, including the wealthy Capital. The intrigues continue as Katniss is drawn into planning the 75th Anniversary Hunger Games. As the planning and story move on Katniss’ life reveals itself as she a more rounded individual. Her characterization is broader and she is proving to be more than just a winning tribute. Behind the mask of the .petitor, there beats the growing heart and mind of a developing character. That Katniss is growing is due to the carefully planned and well-executed writing of author Suzanne Collins. Katniss is .ing to life as a person – a person that the Capital District may have good reason to fear. Beneath the apparently calm surface of Panem – a country that corresponds roughly to the Old USA and to which the outer Districts owe tribute in the form of warriors for the yearly games – there’s an undercurrent of revolution. Are Katniss and Peeta part of this movement or are they just being used by the revolutionaries who hope to overthrow Panem and bring themselves to power? It’s an intriguing question that President Snow is trying to answer with his visit. It is during this visit that Panem also a fuller and richer place with traditions that one could have only guessed at during the Hunger Games (Book 1). In Book 1, Katniss and Peeta are fighting for their lives, while Book 2 brings more calm but also shows that there may be a fire in the background that President Snow and Panem have to deal with. As all of this is happening, Katniss discovers herself and finds a relationship with an equal, one which helps to define her as an individual and round her character. The Hunger Games trilogy’s author Suzanne Collins deftly handles these background changes as Katniss matures and Panem wonders. It is well done and shows that Katniss is more than just a warrior. It also shows that – as the saying goes – "uneasy lies the power" as Panem tries to halt the revolution. With Katniss help and planning the 75th Anniversary Hunger Games will truly be something and are something special. Katniss gains humanity as she battles to stay alive in Book 2. The author handles this deftly and builds a nuanced storyline that Hunger Games fans love. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: