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Certification-Tests Experience our R&S mock labs which highly reflect the most current actual labs Solidify your existing knowledge, expose weaknesses Recommended for CCIE candidates who have attempted the actual CCIE Exam without passing CathaySchool’s CCIE R&S Training Mock Lab Workshops are eight-day 1-one-1 Instructor-led classes provided in Guangzhou, China. They are designed for students to solidify their existing knowledge, expose weaknesses, and to fully prepare candidates as they lead up to their CCIE R&S Bootcamp Exam date. Please note that NO introductory material is covered during the lab experience. ( ..cathayschool.. ) There are no scheduled lectures over the eight days, candidates will solidify their existing knowledge by taking numerous mock lab exams during Day 1 and Day 7, which are designed to meet the requirement of the most recent actual labs. However, the instructor is available to discuss 1-on-1 and clarify tasks you may be stuck on. At the end of each day, the labs are then reviewed step-by-step by the instructor and a detailed explanation is provided about the technologies covered, interpretations of the questions, and .mon mistakes that were made by students with relation to each topic. Day 8 is a conclusion lecture of the week in review. In addition to this the instructors will review the students’ performance for the last 7 days and give re.mendations on readiness to take and pass the CCIE R&S Bootcamp Exam, along with suggestions of what topics to focus on during further preparation. Before you finish this course, you will be provided a full set of our full-scale lab materials (which mirrors the most current lab exam). The materials contain CCIE R&S questions, requirements and solutions, which can be .fortably studied and practiced during the period between your course finishing date and the lab exam date. Along with this, we will update your study materials free of charge and provide email support (48 hour response guarantee) for 1 month after the class. Intended Audience: These Mock Lab Workshops are intended for CCIE R&S Training candidates who are within three months of their actual lab exam. Introductory material will not be covered, and thus, students are expected to have a CCNP-level of knowledge with extensive CCIE-level preparation. The lab scenarios covered during these workshops are designed to be highly close to the real CCIE lab. Schedule of events Student instruction is conducted privately with one-on-one tuition, so you have the freedom to begin from almost any date of the year. With rich experience in writing, often in the major websites, newspapers published articles and wel.ed by a large number of readers,and articles written by others with a large number of quote.if you want to get more about CCIE R&S Information please visit Cathayschool About the Author: 相关的主题文章: