Changchun, a private school to change the public school fees are still closed school gradually retur

Changchun a private primary school instead of public school choice fee income is still gradually retreat: public – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Changchun September 27th news (reporter Yang Boyu) according to the Chinese voice of "news" reported that recently, the audience to reflect the voice of China by CNR news hotline, their children attending primary school affiliated middle school of Jilin University. Was originally a private nature, in 2015, approved by the education sector to public notice recently, hundreds of parents have also received a request to pay 2016 annual school choice fees but. Parents believe that since the school has become a public nature, coupled with the school has not been able to get parents to recognize the basis of charges, it should not continue to charge this fee. The school is still in the back of public school fees, based on where? Should not accept? Parents Ms. Wang (a pseudonym), the high school affiliated to Jilin University is a private primary school after school in nature, in addition to a small number of students outside the Jilin University children studying here, the rest of the students according to different grades every year to pay 7000 yuan to 9000 yuan of school choice fee. June 2015, approved by the Changchun Municipal Bureau of education, the secondary school attached to the Jilin University elementary school returned to public. Ms. Wang said: "three years before the school year to pay 7000 dollars to the school fee, at the time of this school are aware of the situation, every year, but from the end of last year to early this year, Changchun also continued a few schools had to pay school fee into the public schools, the school also what the public, this year has not received." Last week, parents have received a notice of the school, the weekend will be required to pay tuition to the class teacher in 2016. Ms. Wang said, each class has the normal group, the teacher sends to each of the parents, just started Sunday to take the card to the school pay tuition and before, the number did not write, then call one by one, said to take the cash envelope to. Ms. Wang said, according to the people long letter word [2015] No. 16 "Changchun City Bureau of education on high school Changchun Chittagong experimental school in compulsory education stage to public reply", which mentioned that from 2015 onwards will be the stage of compulsory education Changchun middle school experimental school returned to Chittagong public school, no longer for the community to recruit students in compulsory education. In principle, only to recruit staff, their children to school, and into the area of compulsory education management category. Parents believe that, since the nature of the school has become public, it should no longer be charged school choice fees. Ms. Wang believes that the charges can be, because at that time, did not say not to pay. But now the public is not required to produce some fees or charges related documents. Another parent Liu (a pseudonym) said that due to the charges questioned the school, some parents find the person in charge of the school to communicate, the direction of the school parents to produce two copies of the Jilin Provincial Price Bureau documents. "We have to question this in charge, since the public will receive the fee, the approval must come up with the price bureau, I see the approval of one in 2013 and one in 2014. The 2013 is very clear, is valid for two years, in 2014 the No. 88 document no CC units, no"相关的主题文章: