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Changsha one and a half year old boy eating rat poison Farm: do not eat something [Abstract] Changsha half years old boy with his grandmother to the farm to birthday, eating rat poison Hotel placed more than a year, obvious abdominal pain. The families seek explanation, says it will not happen to > farm; > original title: mouse medicine Yuelu District this hotel in the corner was a half years old boy eating! Hotel Manager: it’s okay to eat…… Have to say, in the process of children’s growth, accidental injury, is one of the biggest threat to the baby’s health. Children eating rat poison farm went has expired no matter who lives in a small town with Changsha Yuelu District Jo Jo (a pseudonym) and grandma named fertile Garden Village Hotel in birthday, unexpectedly, children are eating rat poison placed hotel. Now, the incident has been the past half a month, wo garden ecological farm has not yet dealt with the matter. It’s hard for the Chen family to accept it. After the child has been thirsty uncomfortable, also appeared obvious abdominal pain, the waiter told the farm, children eat cereal was placed rat medicine for more than a year. Hospital treatment has recovered to the farm for saying half an hour later, Jo Jo’s discomfort symptoms, also face some blue, the family immediately he sent to the Hunan Children’s Hospital for treatment. Fortunately, after treatment, Joe Joe has been restored to health. But the family felt that the farm should bear a certain responsibility, at least the medical expenses can not escape, but the farm has no reasonable answer. On the afternoon of October 12th, the reporter accompanied Jo Jo’s family to come to the fertile garden ecological farm, hoping to negotiate with the farm leader to deal with the matter. However, no one responded to the Eco Farm in Waugh park. The person in charge of farm families emotional delayed October 13th ten morning, the reporter came to this fertile garden village. But nobody waited until half past ten to respond. At this point, a farm worker came to the scene and told us that the matter needed to be negotiated next Monday. When Jo Jo’s family heard this, they got excited again. Subsequently, the reporter will reflect the situation to the Pu street, Pu Pu Street immediately arranged a special person came to the scene to organize the two sides mediation. Until then, the owner of the fertile garden came out. As a leisure farm, not to say how the service, this security must be in the first place, similar negligence must not appear again. Xiaobian want to remind everyone, usually with the insect, mosquito, pesticides and other drugs to properly handle, avoid the child easily exposed to. (law channel): Video (video and content not only for further reading) 4 year old boy waiter eating rat medicine restaurant: rinse well

长沙一岁半男孩误食老鼠药 农庄:吃了不会有事 [摘要]长沙一岁半男童跟着奶奶去农庄参加寿宴,误食饭店放置一年多的老鼠药,出现明显腹痛。家属讨说法,农庄称不会有事>>原标题:岳麓区这家饭店角落里的老鼠药被一岁半小男孩误食!饭店经理:吃了不会有事……不得不说在孩子的成长过程中,意外伤害,是造成宝宝健康的最大威胁之一。小孩误食老鼠药 农庄竟称已过期无大碍家住长沙岳麓区含浦镇的小乔乔(化名)和奶奶一起去名叫沃之园生态农庄的饭店参加寿宴,没想到,孩子却误食了饭店放置的老鼠药。现在距离事发已经过去半个月,沃之园生态农庄也一直未对此事进行处理。这让陈家人实在难以接受。之后,孩子一直口渴难受,还出现了明显的腹痛,农庄服务员这才告知,孩子吃下去的谷物竟是放置了一年多的老鼠药。入院治疗现已康复 前往农庄讨要说法半个小时后,小乔乔的不适症状明显,脸色也有些发青,家人便立即将他送往湖南省儿童医院进行救治。好在经过治疗,小乔乔现在已经基本恢复健康。可家人觉得,这个事情农庄理应要承担一定的责任,至少这医药费是逃不了的,但农庄却一直没有合理的答复。10月12日下午,记者陪同小乔乔的家人再次来到了沃之园生态农庄,希望能与农庄负责人协商处理此事。但是,沃之园生态农庄却无人回应此事。农庄负责人一拖再拖 家属情绪激动10月13日上午十点,记者再此来到了沃之园生态农庄。可是,一直等到十点半也没有任何人出面回应此事。此时,一名农庄工作人员来到现场告诉我们,这件事需要到下周一再协商。小乔乔的家人听到这句话,情绪又激动起来了。随后,记者便将这一情况反映给了含浦街道,含浦街道立即安排了专人来到了现场组织双方进行调解。直到这时,沃之园农庄的负责人才终于现身。做为一家休闲农庄,先不说服务如何,这安全性肯定是要排在第一位的,类似的疏忽千万不要再出现了。小编还想再提醒大伙,平时用的灭虫、灭蚊、农药等药品要妥善处理,避免孩子轻易接触到。 (政法频道)视频推荐:(视频与文章内容无关,仅供延伸阅读) 4岁男童餐厅内误食老鼠药 服务员:漱漱口就好了相关的主题文章: