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Sidha As we well know, owning a car of every kind is a huge responsibility and like any big responsibility, a person’s main objective would be to stay accident free. Agreed, purchasing an insurance cover for an automobile needs a while, but it can also save the buyer lots of money within the long term.. Owners of vehicles pay lots of money for insurance, hoping that they will avoid large costs when their vehicle meets an accident. However, when an accident happens, they get much less than they expected. in order to explain things better, when I bought a new car a few years back, I also needed insurance for the car.. I went on the web checked my options. I found a number of .panies which had good offers in my situation, but were expensive .pared to others.. home insurance quotes I bought some cheap insurance for my car however the price was more than I could pay and I still had rent to pay, I was .ing out of my pocket 100 dollars every month for the insurance which I hated because I always came up a little short in the rent. And even though the insurance .pany was likely to reduce my premium from 100 dollars to 70 dollars from the fourth month, I still was not happy with all the offer.. However, when that next month came, I discovered that my payment was still 100 dollars; I later learned which I wouldn’t qualify for the 30 dollar decrease unless I was because of the auto insurance .pany for one year. I felt so betrayed by the insurance .pany because I really thought which they had my best interest at heart. The big negative about insurance that I had bought was which I had to help keep paying every month. It was like a liability which didn’t really give me any benefit. I realized that when I met an accident, I would have to go searching for a body shop which would repair my car. I don’t have enough time for such things.. Paying the premiums every month made me sad. I felt that the insurance .pany would continously keep changing its rules as well as in the end I would be paying a lot more money as premium and getting nothing in exchange. When I met with an accident regarding the road, I got a genuine shock from the insurance .pany. The car that hit my vehicle vanished. I got absolutely nothing for the claims which I made.. When I contacted the .pany from which I had purchased the policy I was told that such situations are not covered by them and they cannot do just about anything about it.. The final shock came when I was told of the .pany that I will need to pay some more money as towing charges to tow the car to the body shop. This was inspite of the fact which I was in fact told earlier that the .pany would pay the towing charges just in case of an accident. In closing, be mindful when you’re buying auto insurance since you might be getting ripped off in case you think that you’re getting an excellent deal or saving money. About the Author: And even though getting an insurnace policy is time intensive, it can save everyone a pile of cash, again and again.. People find themselves paying ridiculous amounts of money for the insurance with regards to their car or motorcycle hoping to get a break along with save a little extra money, and I thought I was doing the exact same thing when I had my car however the insurance .pany gave me so little while having me pay so much for the car insurance. Just to explain things better, when I bought a new car a number of years back, I also needed insurance for the car.. I went on the web checked 相关的主题文章: