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Chengdu city housing provident fund loans to commercial loans   provident fund interest — Sichuan channel — original title: Chengdu city housing provident fund loans to commercial loans provident fund interest drawing Wang Xue recently, the Chengdu Daily reporter from Chengdu housing provident fund management center was informed that the annual provident fund loans 15 billion yuan has been used to ensure that workers we should make loan loan, I will from October 8th the formal implementation of the housing provident fund individual housing loans to individual housing loans of commercial banks (hereinafter referred to as "public business" loan discount policy). The revolution business loans actually refers to a personal housing loan, by the contractor of the financial business of commercial bank to the borrower (to comply with the conditions of individual housing loans of individual housing provident fund loans and commercial banks at the same time) issued, borrowers pay interest only according to the provident fund loan interest rate, the interest margin by the Chengdu provident fund center to undertake bank payment. The policy is mainly for the main city (including high-tech zones) outside the occupied housing provident fund loans to apply for housing loan applicants. According to the Chengdu provident fund center, the introduction of the new deal is mainly to deal with the current liquidity liquidity constraints, with the help of the loan interest rate differential way to support staff housing consumption, to ensure that the loan should be paid to the loan. To introduce the fund liquidity tight housing provident fund management center in Chengdu since the end of 2014, the national implementation of new property, the housing needs of residents is excited, many city center provident fund center funds rate rising rapidly, continued tight liquidity. Chengdu center is no exception." The center responsible person, as of the end of August 2016, the use of funds rate of 127.83% year, the utilization rate has reached 100.71% over the years. The corresponding is, according to the annual accumulation of funds 15 billion yuan scale established annual loan fund is super. Chengdu center responsible person, in order to support the housing needs of workers, the protection of workers should make loan loan, the first half of this year, the center has been to short-term bank loan financing 3 billion 40 million yuan, for provident fund loans, support nearly 9000 workers to buy a house. As of August, the center issued a total of 41957 individual housing provident fund loans of $15 billion 542 million, an increase of 26.02% and 44.67%, respectively. Chengdu center responsible person stressed that the commercial revolution is to deal with the fund liquidity to measure of tension, there are 3 operating principles: Provident Fund loan rate is higher than 85% can be started, less than 75% can be stopped, and the loan rate is less than 65% workers revolution loans can be replaced by the provident fund loans. The difference in interest rates by the provident fund center for school of economics professor Liu Lu Xinancaida believes that the launch of the commercial revolution and discount loans, is for business loan form, but its essence is the provident fund loans, because all rights and employees provident fund loans enjoy exactly the same, such as interest rate, term, amount, but also timely may the provident fund loans, avoid queuing. For employees provident fund loans, center revolution loans replacement for provident fund loans)相关的主题文章: