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Chengdu, forgive me I can only give you 90 points! Because… – tourism Sohu amber · Chengdu tour around ID:cdzhoubian Chengdu’s largest travel around the Raiders platform, focusing on the elimination of " the weekend playing what the Department of " the Milky Way problem ~ Chengdu, known as the land of abundance one do not want to leave the city of Chengdu has never lacked praise "jinguancheng" is a historical "praise of Chengdu Chengdu people" is certainly "the beauty of Chengdu is the land of abundance" from ancient to modern times yearning for Chengdu but in the process of city development is not every step on the flat ground is always tortuous Chengdu is also so so sorry I can only give you 90 Chengdu 90 the history of Chengdu in the Western Han Dynasty about fifth Century BC fortification had already become Chinese six metropolis Chengdu is now one of the logistics center and comprehensive transportation hub in the western region is an important center of the city 90 Chengdu ancient Shu three humanistic history has clear wanton Sichuan dialect under the hot basin climate character of Ba Jin’s "home" in Du Fu Thatched Cottage there are faint Qingcheng naive panda symbols and history the current trend in the collision of 90 points of economic history of Chengdu is the starting point of the southern silk road is now the southwest finance and trade center you can see from all over the world in the Pacific in the store can be seen in Chunxi Road "Crazy" shoppers can also see the young talent incubator in a continuous line of 90 points from the beauty of Dujiangyan from Dayi to downtown Chengdu Tianfu new to every region has its beauty in the world where you can meet meet New York Chairman Mao stood like vs Provence vs Provence Statue of Liberty met French lavender base meets Tokyo Tokyo night vs met Chengdu night Seoul jiaozi tower vs tower Nanshan Seine River Chengdu Anshun umayabashi met vs Alma Seine River bridge at night 90 points delicacy breakfast you can have a cup of Soybean Milk can also add daguokui broth powder, Sliced noodles or optionally a pea flowers with a Ye Erpa lunch Kung Pao Chicken, Mapo Tofu, Pork Lungs in Chili Sauce and other kinds of dishes or go to a bowl of Wonton or Lai is Glutinous Rice Balls An excellent dinner "yiyanbuge" went to the whole meal Hot pot or at least to eat a bowl of vegetable oil smoke burst is our style night life go hungry to eat barbecue grilled eggplant, take the brain is not little and two bottles of beer cool turn good pay 90 of the Chengdu subway 1 plate. 2, 3, 4 lines you sit in Shuangliu Airport take you fly around the world a trip goes;相关的主题文章: