Chinese in Africa security is a big problem into the solution sichen

The Chinese in Africa: safety is a big problem into the solution – Beijing the day before, Congo (DRC) in parts of the capital Kinshasa due to the occurrence of large-scale riots opposition demonstrations, thousands of demonstrators clashed with police, causing casualties. According to Chinese in Congo (DRC) embassy news, unrest in dozens of Chinese shops were robbed, some of them trapped. In Africa, Chinese security issues for a long time. According to the Agence France-Presse reported that the danger is be caught off guard, Congo (gold) 19 days of unrest is mainly because of the opposition to the government to postpone the presidential election practices dissatisfaction. According to the Broadcasting British Corporation news, March day Kinshasa city smoke four, protesters set up roadblocks, throwing stones at police and tried to burn the car, the scene is extremely dangerous confusion. Chinese in Congo (DRC) embassy announced that at 19, a total of more than 20 Chinese shops were smashed and looted some of them trapped, fortunately no casualties were reported in chinese. With the help of the embassy and the help of the local Chinese community, the trapped compatriots have been safely transferred, the situation gradually improved. At present, the follow-up work is still in progress. The riots, Kinshasa Ndjili area is the most serious Chinese stores looted area. Many shops have been looted in ten minutes, the scene is a mess, suffered heavy losses. After the robbery of the local overseas Chinese have expressed fear, did not dare to go out now. Coincidentally, in September 20th, a shop in South Africa Johannesburg crown mine a Chinese mall by gangsters armed attack, a woman unfortunately shot. And this is the 3 place in the region of the Chinese mall occurred in the case of the criminals broke into the shooting of the second. There are Chinese lamented: in the local is not safe to live in the safe! "Many of the unrest in Africa has a lot to do with the political situation, such as the Congo (DRC), some time ago Zambia election, are on the brink of riots. South Africa’s security problem is a long time." Working life in Africa for nearly 20 years, Chinese media group chairman of South Africa ‘said in an interview, "in Africa, the coming danger and weak areas of Chinese shops to be caught off guard, security often become targets, it is very difficult." Why Chinese vulnerable, in fact, the occurrence of unrest in Congo (DRC) is not the first time. Also because of political issues, also occurred in January 2015 similar serious riots, the Chinese also suffer. "In this case, the African Chinese themselves should have a situation assessment. The Congo (DRC) political change has been going on for some time, I think the Chinese should have a clear understanding of the situation, ahead of time to do some preventive measures." Chen Yiping, vice president of the Institute of overseas Chinese, Jinan University, said in an interview with this newspaper. In Africa, social unrest occurs, but not every day. For example, in South Africa, the overall social security environment is the main cause of violent crime is difficult to curb. According to South African police minister Enrico September 2 to the parliament released the latest crime data show, 201)相关的主题文章: