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Chinese students to study abroad experience: the main idea throughout the entire course – Sohu news in the current tide of study, the vast majority of Chinese students choose to study in the western countries, but some people chose North korea. The fifth nuclear test North Korea once again become the focus of media attention, North Korea is what is a country in North Korea, what life is what kind of experience? Er (WeChat ID:xjb-waishier) and foreign students studying in Korea the highest institution of Kim Il-Sung University of Hefeng for 5 years to talk, think of his experience of studying abroad is really out of the ordinary. September 13th, in Pyongyang, North Korea, students participate in the national university student invention show. Application process: to pass the exam, why go to Korea to study Hefeng (a pseudonym) from Dandong, is about to graduate from Kim Il-Sung University, this year is the fifth year of his study in North korea. The north half semester season is September semester until mid December, the first half of the semester is March to July. North Korea Kim Il-Sung University official website screenshot. According to Hefeng, in addition to Yanbian and Dandong and other places, Chinese students are also from Zhejiang and other places. Kim Il-Sung China university students can choose the school only in Pyongyang and gold Hengji Normal University, the two is the highest institution of North korea. Remember five years ago, Kim Il-Sung entered the University experience, Hefeng said, in order to study the North first to find a relationship with the people for the declaration of name, apply to the North Korean embassy after the examination, examination content is mainly why Korean reading. After the examination, in North Korea last year preparatory courses, and then redistribution school. Chinese students are able to learn the subject is language, and foreign students and Korean students do not attend classes. Study abroad costs $7300 a year, some people from France, Canada, in addition to Chinese students to study in North Korea, many russians. In addition, there are from Laos, Kampuchea, Mongolia and other countries, while France and Canada and other western countries are also studying in this country. In North Korea is not cheap, Hefeng foreign affair (WeChat ID:xjb-waishier) said that the $5000 a year, now rose to $7300, including accommodation and tuition, not including tourism and other additional costs, school holidays will organize tourism students. The invitation of student activities in Hefeng, students in North Korea’s basic necessities of life treatment is still good, good food, in addition to Korean food, do Chinese food canteen. As a result of the small number of people, he had a basic dormitory where everyone is a single room, public toilet and bathroom. Dormitory has a TV, is the kind of old Chinese, the channel has three or four stations, such as North Korea, generally do not look at CCTV. North Korea also has a cinema, movie tickets are cheap, but students generally feel that the plot is not attractive." In addition, in order to help the students to learn, the school to give each dormitory arrangement of several North Korean students as homoclinic students. Hefeng smiled and said, these are the top students, help us learning problems, but their vigilance is high strong self-esteem, their family conditions are good. Students dress restrictions, no need to wear uniforms collar maple相关的主题文章: