Chongqing 8 year old girl lost contact with police, find her in the classmate’s wardrobe

Chongqing 8 year old girl lost contact with police in the classmate’s wardrobe to find her last night, the little girl was found, she apologized for his behavior. @ Ping Jiulongpo for the newspaper news (reporter Jing Ran) 12 noon yesterday, a "8 year old girl Wang Moumou lost contact" information in micro-blog, WeChat circle of friends crazy pass. For a time, the whole city kind-hearted people for the 8 year old girl pulled her heart to the throat. Where on earth did she go? Chongqing morning news reporter learned that, the night before last 8 points, found her daughter lost contact, Wang’s parents immediately rushed to Shiqiaopu police station alarm. Jiulongpo police asked the lost, lost child DNA collected blood samples, while the first time released xiechatongbao. Meanwhile, video tracking of Wang’s departure from school was conducted. The police investigation found that Wang followed the students leave school after the bridge, across the street on a bus, and then in the Erlang Road area of the car doorlead goods. The monitor showed that Wang went home with his classmates and never went out again. Yesterday evening, the police record of inquiry process, the parents of students to the police to apologize, said his evening, poor management of children, usually did not concern around her friends. The parents then let the police surprised: if the parents are not necessarily found at home "Tibet" guests. When the police repeatedly to confirm whether Wang’s students I know Wang whereabouts, the students eyes free, talk becomes hesitant. 7 o’clock last night, the police and parents went straight to this classmate’s home, opened the closet door, Wang "wow" to cry, rushed out, holding her mother tightly. Calm after she apologized to the police uncle, father and mother and care for her well intentioned people again and again: "I just told my mother was angry, hiding her, did not expect so many people disturb. Sorry, I don’t have a small temper." During the communication, Xiao Wang still worried about his mother’s criticism, "I am not a bear child, I also have a small emotion", "I do not want to go home, angry her.""…… 00 – police remind the thought after more independent criticism to improve 1. criticism of the child must pay attention to the time and occasion. After 00, they were more independent and more proud, and they didn’t want to be treated as a bear child. 2. before criticizing children, parents should force themselves to calm down to make correct judgments about the mistakes made by their children, and find out the ways to solve them. 3. it may be unintentional or wrong. Criticism should be targeted, so that children can sincerely accept. 4. don’t blame children; parents should criticize themselves before criticizing their children. 5. after criticism, parents should give some comfort, let the children calm mood, regain confidence. 6. children should learn to evaluate the consequences of wayward behavior and learn to refrain from it. Unlike Wang’s classmate, he refused to disclose Wang’s whereabouts in the face of his uncle. (Chongqing Morning Post)

重庆8岁女孩失联 民警在同学家衣柜里找到她昨晚,小女孩被找到,她为自己的行为道歉。 @平安九龙坡 供图本报讯 (记者 景然)昨日中午12时许,一条“8岁女生王某某失联”的信息在微博、微信朋友圈疯传。一时间,全城好心人都为这个8岁小女孩把心揪到了嗓子眼。她到底去哪儿了?重庆晨报记者了解到,前晚8点,发现女儿失联后,小王的父母便立即赶到石桥铺派出所报警。九龙坡警方一边询问走失情况、采集走失小孩的DNA血样,一边第一时间发布了协查通报。同时,对小王离开学校的路线进行了视频追踪。警方调查发现,小王跟着同学离开学校后过了天桥,在马路对面上了一辆公交车,然后在二郎朵力品道小区下了车。监控显示,小王跟着同学回了家,便再也没出门。昨天傍晚,在派出所询问笔录过程中,那位同学的家长向民警致歉,称自己早出晚归,疏于管理孩子,平日里也没怎么关注女儿身边的朋友。家长的话让民警有些诧异:倘若家长早出晚归,并不一定会发现家里“藏”了客人。当民警反复向小王的同学本人确认是否知晓小王行踪时,这名同学眼神游离,说话也变得吞吞吐吐。昨晚7时许,民警和家长直奔这名同学家,一拉开衣柜门,小王“哇”地一声大哭,冲出来紧紧抱着妈妈。情绪平复后,她连连向爸爸妈妈、警察叔叔和关心她的好心人道歉:“我只是跟妈妈赌气,躲起来怄一下她,没想到惊动了这么多人。对不起,我再也不发小脾气了。”沟通中,小王对妈妈批评的事情仍然耿耿于怀,“我不是熊孩子,我也有小情绪”、“我就不想回家,气一气她”……■民警提醒00后思想更独立 批评方式要改进1. 批评孩子一定要注意时间和场合。00后思想更加独立,自尊心更强,他们不希望被当作“熊孩子”来对待。2. 批评孩子前,父母应“强迫”自己冷静,才能对孩子犯的错做出正确判断,找出有利于解决问题的方法。3. 孩子犯错有可能是无心,也可能是因为态度造成的。批评要有针对性,这样才能让孩子诚心接受。4. 不要只怪孩子,父母应在批评孩子前先作自我批评。5. 批评完后,父母应给予一定安慰,让孩子平复情绪、重拾信心。6. 孩子应从小学会评估任性行为的后果,从而学会克制。不能像小王的那位同学那样,面对警察叔叔还不肯透露小王的行踪。(重庆晨报)相关的主题文章: