Chongqing many travel agencies charge age surcharges, the elderly are required to pay more punyu

Chongqing travel agencies charge a surcharge age old person is asked to pay more "board are the same, why children and old people to pay?" During the national day, many people choose Chongqing newspaper group travel to relax, but some people have to travel for the elderly and children receive additional fees and don’t feel happy age. According to "worker’s Daily" reporter, age surcharge ranging from several hundred dollars to more than a thousand yuan. Reporters found that in Chongqing, the travel agency for the elderly and children travel surcharge is the unwritten rules. A travel agency staff told reporters, most of the tourist routes have launched a special offer and pure play group, group of special offer metropolitan consumption weak elderly, children in two groups surcharge. The reason is that the elderly and children travel, all aspects of the body conditions than in young people, the travel agency risk increase, to give more care or buy more perfect insurance." "Travel additional charge for 200~1000 yuan. For example, some travel agencies for over 70 years old aged charge a surcharge of 300 yuan, 1000 yuan surcharge for children aged 12~18." The travel agency staff said. In fact, the so-called "age surcharge regardless of how much tourism bureau are not allowed to charge. Some travel agencies with different ages, the cascade price way to ‘play the edge ball "." A senior Chongqing tourism practitioners told reporters that "the travel agency for the elderly and children extra surcharge, and not because of the risk of problems, but the tourism destination travel charge, Chongqing travel agencies are only collecting. Because the age is too small or too large tourists, most consumption ability is relatively weak, the basic will not participate in the project at their own expense or into the store shopping, so much received hundreds of Yuan "guaranteed"." The tourism practitioners said, the so-called special offer group mainly tourist routes mainly shopping in Yunnan, Hong Kong and Macao. Special offer will group in addition to the surcharge, the newspaper group age and gender requirements, is afraid of the local tour guides lead visitors shopping, consumption of male tourists over the town could not guide "". In this regard, Chongqing day extension lawyer Zhou Longhai told reporters that the travel agency called for old people and children to travel surcharge is in order to reduce the risks of argument is untenable, is illegal. "If you really want to travel with children and the elderly insurance and risk aversion, the travel agency should inform the newspaper group, and the policy and other related documents to show their newspaper group. It should be treated equally, and in accordance with the provisions of the National Tourism Administration, on the same tour, tourists travel agency may exist because of age or occupation of the differences, put forward different contract matters and other tourists." Chongqing tourism law enforcement corps official said in an interview with this reporter, the law of charge travel surcharge, do not make the relevant provisions, but the travel agency to the elderly, children received the name of age surcharge is not allowed. If consumers encounter such a situation, you can call 12301 complaints. At the same time, should also pay attention to the collection of evidence, and keep a written contract and related audio and video as evidence.

重庆多家旅行社收取年龄附加费 老人被要求多付费 “吃住行都一样,为啥小孩和老年人就要多交钱?”国庆期间,不少重庆市民选择报团外出旅游放松心情,但一些人却因旅行社向老人和小孩收取年龄附加费而感到不愉快。据《工人日报》记者了解,年龄附加费少则几百元,多则上千元。记者调查发现,在重庆,旅行社对老人和小孩收取旅行附加费是不成文的规定。一家旅行社的工作人员向记者透露,大部分旅游线路都推出了特价团和纯玩团,特价团大都会对消费力较弱的老人、小孩两类群体收取附加费。“理由就是老年人和小孩出行,身体各方面条件不比中青年人,旅行社风险大增,要给予更多照顾或买更完善的保险。”“加收的旅行附加费为200~1000元不等。例如,有的旅行社对70岁以上的老人收取300元的老龄附加费,对12~18岁的孩子收取1000元的附加费。”上述旅行社工作人员称。“事实上,所谓年龄附加费不论多少,旅游局都不允许收取。有的旅行社就采用区分年龄,实行梯级价格的方式‘打擦边球’。”重庆一位资深旅游从业者向本报记者透露,“旅行社针对老人、小孩额外收取附加费,并不是因为风险问题,而是旅游目的地的地接旅行社要求收取的,重庆的旅行社大都只是代收。因为年龄太小或年龄太大的游客,消费能力大都比较弱,基本不会参加自费项目或进店购物,所以得多收几百元‘保本’。”这位旅游从业者坦言,所谓特价团主要集中在云南、港澳等以购物为主的旅游线路上。特价团除了会收取附加费外,还对报团的年龄区间、性别等有要求,怕的是当地导游带领游客购物、消费时男性游客过多导游“镇不住”。对此,重庆天伸律师事务所律师周龙海告诉记者,旅行社所谓对老人、小孩加收旅行附加费是为了降低风险的说法根本站不住脚,属于违法行为。“如果旅行社真是要小孩和老人投保而规避风险,旅行社应该告知报团者,并且将保单等相关凭证出示给报团者。否则应该尽可能一视同仁,并且按照国家旅游局的规定,在同一旅游团队中,旅行社不得因旅游者存在的年龄或者职业上的差异,提出与其他旅游者不同的合同事项。”重庆市旅游执法总队负责人在接受本报记者采访时表示,法律对旅游附加费的收取,暂时未做出相关规定,但旅行社以老人、小孩名义收取年龄附加费是不允许的。如消费者遇到这样的情况,可以拨打12301投诉。同时,还应注意收集证据,并保留书面合同和相关音视频等证据材料。相关的主题文章: