Chongqing night fishing fishing for a living that a uncle on the Jialing River

Chongqing: night fishing rod a uncle on the Jialing River fishing for a living Chongqing daily news the evening of November 14th, Shapingba Nanxi Jialing River wellhead mouth, 48 year old Mr. Wang rescued a river to commit suicide. The water of the river was cold. Mr. Wang didn’t jump into the river. He managed to save people only by one fishing rod. How did he do it? The upstream river drift to an unknown object in the evening, who lives in Shapingba Shuangbei Mr. Wang and friends came to Nanxi is located in the mouth of the Jialing River fishing at night. At 10, he heard a voice from the river. "Gurgling, like the sound of choking water."." Yesterday, Mr. Wang told reporters that he followed the sound looked toward the river, upstream of the place about 100 meters, there was a black object floating down. Accompanied by waves, black unknown objects looming in the river water. "Gee, it’s like a human being!" Mr. Wang saw the black objects in the water up and down, with a head, but also to wear the clothes. He then concluded that the other party had not come to swim, but had an accident. Night fishing throws hooks, hooks clothes, "immediately save people."!" Mr. Wang came up with such an idea. However, river rapids, and at night, the line of sight is not good, but to water, weather and water temperature is too low, will also limit their swimming. "At that time, I would like to not impulse the water, blind rescue, otherwise people did not save, they may be dangerous." Mr. Wang said, see the fishing rod next to, his heart a plan, trying to hook with each other, rescue ashore. So, Mr. Wang began to wait, when the other drifting to only 10 meters away from their own place, determined to throw out the line. The toss was successful, and the hook caught the other’s clothes. See each other successfully "hooked", Mr. Wang worry when the line will pull off, will not immediately pull to the shore, but quickly shouted beside a night fishing friend, let him throw hooks hooked in people. A few minutes later, the two took the line together and slowly brought the drowning man back to shore. Mr. Wang called the alarm phone when the guy was not in danger and pulled the other party ashore. Soon, China slobber police station rushed to the scene, and the guy rushed to a nearby hospital. After investigation, the boy surnamed Ma, 27 years old, Hechuan people, grew up in a divorced family, introverted personality, usually do not love to communicate with people. That night, because of emotional frustration, confused, jump to commit suicide. Subsequently, the police notified Ma’s father, let him take care of his son, to avoid accidents again. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the hospital, little guy has no life risk.

重庆:夜钓大叔一抛竿 嘉陵江上钓起一活人   重庆商报讯 11月14日晚,沙坪坝井口南溪口嘉陵江边,48岁的王先生救起了一个跳江轻生的小伙。江水寒冷,王先生没有跳入江中,机智的他仅凭一根鱼竿就成功救人,他是怎么做到的?   上游江面漂来不明物体   当天晚上,家住沙坪坝双碑的王先生和朋友一起来到位于南溪口的嘉陵江夜钓。10点过,他隐约听到江面上传来一阵声音。   “咕噜咕噜的,像是被呛水后发出的声音。”昨日,王先生告诉记者,他顺着声响往江面望去,发现上游约100米的地方,果然有一个黑色物体漂了下来。   伴着波浪,黑色不明物体在江水中若隐若现。“哎呀,好像是人!”王先生看到,黑色物体在水面一上一下,露出了一个头,而且还穿有衣服。他随后断定,对方不是来游泳的,而是发生了意外。   夜钓者抛鱼钩勾住衣服   “要立即救人!”王先生冒出了这样的想法。但是,江水湍急,又是夜晚,江面视线不好,而且贸然下水,过低的天气和水温,也会限制自己游泳。   “当时我想不能冲动下水盲目救人,否则人没救到,自己还可能有危险。”王先生称,看到旁边的鱼竿,自己就心生一计,试图用鱼钩勾住对方,救人上岸。   于是,王先生开始了等待,等对方漂到离自己只有10多米远的地方时,果断将鱼线抛出。这一抛很成功,鱼钩一下就勾住了对方的衣服。看到对方成功“上钩”,王先生担心拉人时鱼线会断,就没有立即往岸边拉,而是迅速喊旁边一个夜钓的朋友,让他也抛出鱼钩勾住江中的人。   几分钟后,两人一起收线,慢慢地将落水者拉回了岸边。   落水小伙没有生命危险   将对方拉上岸后,王先生拨打了报警电话。很快,磁器口水上派出所民警赶到现场,并将小伙送往附近的医院。   经调查,小伙姓马,今年27岁,合川人,成长于一个离异家庭,性格内向,平时不爱与人交流。当晚因感情受挫,一时糊涂就跳江轻生。随后,民警通知了马某的父亲,让其多照顾儿子,避免再次发生意外。   昨日,记者从医院了解到,小伙已无生命危险。相关的主题文章: