Chongqing official description of the manufacturing and Internet integration innovation implementati

Chongqing official described fusion innovation implementation path – Beijing new network in Chongqing in September 20, the manufacturing industry and the Internet (reporter Liu Xian) deputy director of the Chongqing Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission in 20, Yan describes the local manufacturing industry and Internet integration of innovative ideas, the implementation of the total path and goal, to form a number of demonstration lead the new pattern of manufacturing strong effect". Held in Chongqing in 2016 "cloud computing + Intelligent Manufacturing Forum, made the above statements in yan. The manufacturing industry is the mainstay of the national economy, should be the main battlefield of the implementation of the "Internet plus" action. For a long time, it seems that the Internet from outside the manufacturing sector." Ju Yan said, speaking before the Internet mostly in consumer industries, such as public comment, hungry cat, watching movies, "now gradually emerging trend is to spread from consumption to manufacturing sectors." For the ten consecutive quarter of Chongqing GDP growth in the forefront of the country, the growth rate of industrial added value contribution tribute. As an important industrial city, Chongqing introduced a series of policies to ensure its manufacturing transformation and upgrading. Integration of manufacturing and Internet innovation is an important breakthrough. Ju Yan said that the general idea of Chongqing is to seize the new round of technological revolution and the industrial revolution of the historical opportunity, based on Chongqing industrial advantages, to stimulate innovation and vitality, the transformation of manufacturing power and development potential as the main line, in order to improve the manufacturing of digitalization and intelligentization level as a starting point, around the key link of manufacturing and integration the Internet, construction of the manufacturing industry and the Internet integration "management platform", to lay a solid foundation for intelligent manufacturing, cultivate new industries new mode, create a new ecological integration and development, strengthen the integration and development support, promote the supply side structural reform, enhance the manufacturing of new competitive advantages, promote the transformation of Chongqing industrial economy upgrade. Specific about integration and development level of ascension, Ju Yan said: "a lot of the eastern coastal model does not apply in Chongqing." He took the eastern coast of Taobao as an example. Taobao orders to the factory to do custom. However, the leading industry in Chongqing is machining and manufacturing. A car bearing factory is unlikely to go to Taobao to sell bearings. Because the factory model is "2C" end (for consumers); and a large number of manufacturing enterprises in Chongqing is "2B" end (for enterprises). "We need to make up the short board." Ju Yan said, to make the production line intelligent transformation, to create intelligent workshop, to do the smart factory, interconnection condition. "Companies want to respond to random information on the Internet, you must become an interconnected factory; to become an Internet factory, the first intelligent. This series is the same. For Chongqing, we have to make up this lesson." The leading enterprises in the field of management software Kingdee has 20 years of experience in the industry. Kingdee software (Chinese) assistant limited company president Luo Jun believes that the integration of manufacturing and the Internet to achieve by six words, namely connection, intelligence and innovation. He explained that the connection includes equipment and equipment, people, business and business, as well as equipment, personnel and business connections between each other, in order to open up information channels, improve the level of automation. "Intelligence" is the amount of knowledge.相关的主题文章: