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.puters-and-Technology Even now, many individuals are denied cell phones simply because of a poor credit history. When applying with a carrier, most people have to .plete an application, undergo a credit check and await a decision. In the beginning, this was the only option available for those who desired the use of cell phones. Luckily for many, that is no longer the case. In fact, many customers are saying goodbye to phone bills and hello to pre-paid convenience. Who doesnt have cell phones these days? They are everywhere from the school cafeteria to the office, but they are also ideal for keeping in touch while on vacation and in the event of emergencies or car trouble. Individuals with poor credit deserve the same peace of mind as those with perfect credit, which is why prepaid cell phones are such a convenience. That fact, .bined with the idea of having no contract, no lengthy .mitment and no monthly bill make prepaid cell phones very appealing. Cell phones that have prepaid air time allow consumers to be able to pay as they go with the purchase of phone cards, or airtime, that allows them to add minutes to their cell phones quickly and easily. .monly applied on the internet or via a regular telephone, cell phone airtime cards can be quickly activated with minutes being immediately applied. Many parents feel it necessary to provide their children with cell phones, which is a good idea for several reasons. This allows a child to have a way to be in contact with their parents at anytime. In order to avoid an excessive phone bill, however, prepaid is often the best way to go. These cell phones have the same advantages as any other, including text messaging, voice mail, phone number storage but, most importantly, a link to the outside world at any given moment. Consumers are finding that a pay-as-you-go program is easier to keep track of than other providers and prevents getting a cell phone bill every month. No additional bills, no .mitments and no credit checks. For a variety of reasons, the appealing advantages of prepaid plans are outweighing the .petition. In fact, many .petitors find themselves scrambling to lower their rates, add more incentives and attractive pricing plans to entice customers to their service. Cell phones should be used responsibly and should not be used while driving or operating heavy machinery. Even though they are everywhere, there are some places that they should not be used and, unless there is an emergency, this includes while driving on the highway. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: