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Arts-and-Entertainment The works of Dave Barnhouse can only be described as nostalgic. Born in Ohio, Barnhouse regards himself as a country-boy. A former electrician, he used to work in a steel mill, but was always an artist at heart. When he was small, his mother noticed his talent in drawing and encouraged the young Dave into continuing his talent. America is fortunate that Dave followed his mother, for if not, America, and the world, would not have known the works of this great modern artist. Dave Barnhouse is an artist who makes one yearn to go home upon seeing his art. His images are full of cars, tractors, and even motorcycles making him an artist of contemporary art; these images may suggest a busy life so .mon in America these days, but his masterful use of illumination brings an element of softness in these images considered symbols of the modern era. His paintings evoke a feeling of relaxation instead of the frantic rush to get things done. His art brings out a feeling of .ing home; every element of his painting elicits nostalgia. Barnhouses works are blasts from the past since they are reminiscent of the 1950s and 60s. He once said that he could not separate from his surroundings which made his works of art true testaments to his deep attachment to the places where he grew up. Rural America is his home and his musea favorite subject in his prints. Barnhouses best weapons are nostalgia and light. He has mastered the American genre where he manipulated his art tools to create softly-lit scenes with a touch of wistfulness which makes one remember the best times of his youth. Images of Friday nights, cozy fire and homemade cookies and bread .e to mind when describing his works in general. He liked painting Native-American scenes, classic cars, farmsteads, old trains, and tractors. So you see, he is a true country boy at heart. Throughout the years, Barnhouse has received numerous distinctions. USArt Magazine conducted several art dealer surveys and hailed Barnhouse as one of Americas "Most Popular Print Artists." He was also voted as "Third Most Popular Artist" in the years 1995 and 1996 in the same survey. He also landed a spot on the Top Ten Hottest New Artists" done by InformArt’s in 1995 and moved to the third spot the following year. He was featured in several magazines and newspaper articles. Another feather to his cap is being the official artist of The John Deere Corporation. This gave him the license to feature their trademark, name and even machinery in his paintings. His masterpieces are collected by art enthusiasts not only in America, but also across the globe. Some of his works include When I Grow Up, The Warmth of Home, American Classics, Taking the Back Roads, Tales of the Day, Serenity and Shelter from the Storm. Dave Barnhouse is a rarity in American art. His ability to take us back to the past is a gift only few artists can enjoy. When one grows tired of the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, all it takes is a glimpse of his print to make one feel like .ing HOME. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: