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Wu Yan: is the "folding" not just in Beijing — science and technology — people.com.cn curb expanding between different strata of the gap, is all over the world is committed to complete things, and "Beijing" folding reflects such a universal social problems. A place in Beijing’s science fiction, science fiction in Kansas City gains the highest honor Hugo prize, and then lead to the other side of the ocean in the circle of friends continued scraper. This is the Liu Cixin after the "three body" once again stand on the highest podium of the world Science Fiction Award "Beijing fold", it is the author of the 80 girls Hao Jingfang. What does the two Hugo prize mean for Chinese science fiction? China’s science fiction "coffee" characters, director of the Beijing Normal University science and creative research center Wu Yan told Technology Daily reporter an exclusive interview. Hao Jingfang is better than this work before, the domestic world literature award mostly after 60, 50 after 80 Chinese proved capable of winning a new generation of writers in the world literature can participate in the competition, but also can do it very well." Wu Yan said,’s "Beijing fold" won the "Hugo prize", significant. The story of Beijing is divided into three different physical space in different space with other people to enjoy different resource allocation, has a different fate. After reading this story a lot of users resonate: This is where science fiction, is clearly a reality! In Wu Yan’s eyes, this is not the best work of Hao Jingfang. She’s got a lot more than that, such as the early pure science fiction about star trek. "" Beijing "is Hao Jingfang folding new creative direction, is taking the realistic route of science fiction," Wu Yan said, "this new creative direction to write out can win, also show that she is indeed a huge potential." There are many factors behind the award itself, such as the strength of the competition works, translation, promotion, etc.. However, the "Beijing" is that Hao Jingfang winning folding strength, also shows that Chen Qiufan, Baoshu, fly deuterium, Xiajia 80, 90, the group Wu Yan was known as the "younger generation" of science fiction writers grow up, become the backbone of the China science fiction literature. Just China things, not necessarily interest some people think, "Beijing" can be folded in the international award-winning, because such a difference between the rich and poor, the class divide tells the story happened in Beijing, to cater to the Western readers’ taste. In this regard, Wu Yan does not agree. "If it’s just something in China, it doesn’t necessarily lead to interest. Only the issue of resonance can be so widely concerned." Wu Yan believes that the social economic status of the gap between different classes is expanding in the whole world, many countries the gap between the rich and the poor is even more serious, between people and people to curb this gap, is all over the world is committed to complete things, and "Beijing" folding reflects such a universal social problems. Liu Cixin’s "three body" heat did not fade, Hao Jingfang’s "Beijing fold" on the. Although it is winning, but totally different style of the two works, two authors style is each one has its own merits. ")相关的主题文章: