Double 11 the first battlefield of new technology and new energy nvidia geforce gt 740m

11: the first battlefield of new energy and new technology of the original title: Double 11: the first battle the new energy and new technology: Qiming double 11 for each person the subtext is "buy buy buy", but in the field of science and technology, cloud computing as the representative of the new technology, new energy data and artificial intelligence as the representative the biggest thing is double 11. 11 for each person the subtext is "buy buy buy", but as a global spending spree, the invisible part than the visible parts to be more exciting — highly predictable manufacturing chain, huge and effective logistics link optimization, calm and force financial support. In the field of science and technology, cloud computing as the representative of the new technology, data and artificial intelligence as the representative of the new energy is the biggest attraction of 11. Just past October, Ali cloud, big data and artificial intelligence and other products once again usher in the peak volume. The purchase of more computing resources and more advanced technology, has become a dual 11 players in addition to "Stocking" another important work. Before a few years back, technology investment has been neglected, even the most rigorous bank will appear caton. But with the development of business needs, technological progress from the satisfaction of 11 to become the driving force of consumer demand mining, from the use of commercial technology to the latest technology here. Has been forced to face up to: technology is no longer the background support, but the key to tap demand. Thousands of thousands of people face visible and invisible new energy in 2015 11, the main venue of the personalized thousand faces "the conversion from a single digit rise to nearly 50%, which entered into the venue of the users, half of all love can buy their goods. According to public information, in 2016, the double 11 will go beyond the concept of thousands of people face, the individual play incisively and vividly, and the technical ability to open to businesses. For businesses to accurately tap customer needs, improve traffic value, improve the conversion rate, to provide consumers with differentiated marketing and services. Also a 28 year old man, when you search for "dolls", singles and married people see the results may be completely different. It is reported that this year, Tmall 11 personalized will penetrate into the capillaries, including guess you like, there are good goods, shops, details, micro Amoy, etc., to enhance the consumer needs to match. Expected in 2016 will be more than 11 pairs of artificial intelligence for consumers to create more than 3 billion 500 million independent pages. Behind the thousands of faces, the invisible artificial intelligence. Unlike the vast majority of agencies based on historical data offline artificial intelligence, Ali’s artificial intelligence is the biggest advantage of Online + real-time". Over the years the evolution of "Ali brain", support for real-time analysis of massive user behavior and the order of 1 billion seconds in the level of commodity knowledge map, Taobao gives Tmall wisdom, like the most experienced guide, help each user to quickly find the baby, bring business sincere.and for buyers, improve the matching efficiency and the goods, even if you go to Taobao Tmall received coupons red envelopes have artificial intelligence figure. In the YunOS app store in China相关的主题文章: