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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews An automatic can opener is a useful and practical device for opening cans that make any work in the kitchen very easy and effortless. Automatic can openers are handy equipments that are used to open any kind of tin can. These days, can openers often have dual functions. Aside from being a tool used for opening tin cans, it can also cut fruits and vegetables. Hence, many types of automatic can openers have a built-in tool holder as well as a knife sharpener. Using this kind of can opener will minimize the human effort in cutting any kind of food or opening a can. Thus, these tools are also very easy to clean and it maintains the cleanliness of the kitchen. Listed below are some types of Automatic can openers: C0600 Kenwood Automatic Can Opener: This Kenwood automatic can opener is a substantial three in one can opener and an exceptional product. This device opens cans, all kinds of bottles having a circle cap such as fruit juice and beer. This can opener is also able to open all types of shaped cans, from the small ones up to the large 1.3 kilogram cans. It features a soft-touch handle grip and a lid-keeping magnet. This can opener also has a knife sharpener. It also features a removable blade. Its price would range from 11.99 Euros up to 19.99 Euros. One Touch Culinare Automatic Can Opener: This Culinare automatic can opener brings an original and helpful kitchen device to every house. It introduces an exciting and effortless can opener right into your doorstep. This automatic can opener also has battery function tools. The One touch Culinare automatic can opener features are as follows: removable blades as well as ergonomic and handy magnets. It is also hands-free. This can opener is safe and easy to clean. Its price would range from 19.97 Euros up to 20 Euros. CN723W Rival Automatic Can Opener: This Rival automatic can opener is automatic and effortless when it .es to opening tin cans. Simply place the can at the top of this can opener and it will automatically open it. Since this can opener is automatic, its hands-free. Moreover, the Rival automatic can opener has the ability to open all types of tall cans in just five seconds. Thus, this can opener has a knife sharpener, rubber palm that are hands free, cord storage, a lock and removable blades that are easy and safe to clean. Its price would range from US $9.99 up to US $18.99. Black and Decker Gizmo Automatic Can Opener: This Gizmo automatic can opener is a product that provides a fast and effortless way to open a can. The features of this can opener are the following: hands-free as well as a cutting blade that is dishwasher safe and detachable. Its price would range from US $18.50 up to US $21.18. 2249 Toaster Tall Automatic Can Opener: This stylish and beautiful automatic can opener is able to open tall and heavy-sized tin cans. This toaster-tall automatic can opener has a magnetic holder so as to ensure that nobody will drop the can that is being opened. It also has a powerful slicing assembly that makes sure that it is cutting through the cans. Moreover, it is basically hands-free. Thus, this automatic can opener product features a stylish design, knife sharpener as well as cord storage. Its price would range from US $16.99 up to US $19.99. GVE Automatic Can Opener: The GVE automatic can opener product has built-in functions to help you open all tall cans. GVE automatic can openers are also able to open all sizes of cans that start at about seven inches high. This automatic can opener has a magnetic handle to support while opening the can. Thus, the GVE automatic can opener features a magnetic handle, ceramic knife, storage box and removable blade that make it very easy to clean. 76386 Hamilton Beach Ensemble Automatic Can Opener: This Hamilton automatic can opener has built in capabilities for opening heavyweight bottles. This product features a knife sharpener, washable and removable cutting blade and has a shortcut shutoff. Its price would range from US $17.95 up to US $24.99. .fort Grip Swing-A-Way Automatic Can Opener: This swing-a-way automatic can opener is easy to use. It is a vertical type of space-saving device. Its .fort grip is a soft-grip, non-slip handle that provides an even better control whenever opening tin cans. This device features a mechanical design, rubber handle, knife sharpener, stainless blade as well as cord storage. Its price would range from US $9.99 up to US $11.99. Cuisinart Stainless-Steel Automatic Can Opener: The Cuisinart automatic can opener is made from a gleaning accent and sleek material. This sophisticated-looking automatic can opener is capable of opening tall bottles that are about 9 inches as well as heavy cans that weigh up to four pounds. This product features a hands-free function, power cutting blade and stainless-steel blade. The Cuisinart automatic can opener has an elegant handle that has a curved changeable mag. that fixes itself according to the size of the cans. Its price would range from US $49.95 up to US $75.00. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: