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Sports-and-Recreation The MAK 47SE Warhawk .mando AEG electric airsoft rifle is made by UTG. This gun has a hefty and robust feel to it, and is constructed to take any abuse that the shooter will put it through. It incorporates a new generation full metal gear box with a precision motor and has a 1800 mah battery that will give this gun lasting shooting performance. The MAK 47SE has a precision metal barrel, a metal bolt carrier, a metal trigger and receiver cover. This makes the gun exceptionally tough and reliable. The gun fires in a fully automatic and a semi-automatic action with a muzzle velocity of 280 feet per second which is accurate up to 120 feet. These features on this rifle makes this a great choice for the beginner enthusiast because of the durable construction and slower speed of the ammunition. This electric airsoft rifle weighs in at 6.5 pounds and is 28 inches in length. The magazine is high capacity and can hold 340 rounds of ammunition. The adjustable hop-up allows the shooter to adjust the flight of the bbs to match their battle conditions. This adjustment will put extra spin on the bb allowing precise control of the path and trajectory of the ammunition. Most of the airsoft rifles have this feature incorporated into their guns, making them much easier to control the flight of the bb. This gun really excells in the close quarters battles, either set in the woods or in shrubby fileds. The light weight of the rifle will allow you to carry it for most of the day without getting sore arms. And the high capacity magazine will give you the firing rate hot, and reloading will not be that big of an issue. Just with any other airsoft rifle, you should carry along an extra magazine just to be on the safe side. Making an informed decision before choosing an electric airsoft rifle will greatly enhance the enjoyment of the gun when you take it out in the field or woods on your next battle. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: