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Babies-Toddler Not many childhood figures stay well liked even after several years or even decades. When we think of childhood figures, Sesame Street automatically .es to mind. There is just something special about these quirky characters. For instance, they have been educating kids essential examples of real life situations for almost 40 years. Their concrete popularity can be linked to many things, including their education playthings created to make discovering enjoyable for very young kids. One very famous Sesame Street plaything is Elmo Knows Your Name by Fisher-Price. Talking about Elmo, it is definitely a familiar name to any family with young kids. This famous fun looking doll created by Fisher Price has captured the hearts of many children (and their parents) with its amazingly interactive features. The Elmo Knows Your Name came about around the same time as the Tickle-Me Elmo, and both have been all-time favorite and sudden success among kids and adults as well. Now, the newest Elmo doll, called Elmo Live, has also taken the market by storm with its enhanced interactive and educational features. So, what makes the Elmo Knows Your Name different from the two other hugely successfully Elmo dolls? This Elmo is a 12" cuddly plush character. When you squeeze a button in his hand or hug him and press a button on the speaker in his tummy, the Elmo will speak. With minimal programming, you can set up the content of its speech, which may include greetings, your child’s name, his favorite color and food, and even its favorite songs. There is also an internal clock so that what the Elmo speaks will change depending on the time of the day (morning, noon and night). This is perfect for the young kids to learn to respond to the time changes within a day. What can be better to engage educational playthings surrounding the cute and huggable Elmo! The Elmo Knows Your Name is an exciting gift for kids aged between 18 months and 3 years. Children at this stage generally be.e more and more responsive to what surrounds him and starts to learn different people, food, color and shapes, and this Elmo interacts perfectly with what your child are developing. Many customers have expressed particular appreciation for the scheduling feature, as this has helped their kids to understand what needs to be done at different time of a day. If we were to summarize the other two Elmos in one sentence – The Tickle-Me Elmo is all about tickles and the newest Elmo Live can act just as a real person can. Both of them can offer a great deal of fun for kids as well as adults. In this regard, the Elmo Knows Your Name is more for kids. If your child happens to be at the phase of initial language learning and object identifying, the Elmo Knows Your Name will just be a great toy to give him. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: