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Movies-TV When we first say entertainment, the first thing one considers is the medium of reach. From television to radio, from newspaper to magazines and lately the internet along with mobile technology, every medium is utilized as a resource by the entertainment .pany to reach out to the .mon man. Earlier when we spoke of entertainment the only thought that came to our minds was cinema, but today with the evolution of society many other happening events has raised the standard of entertainment. From fashion shows, to sporting events, to a celebrity wedding or a perfume launch the entertainment industry has dominated in all major fields. Even when it .es to brand building your business all you would need is proper publicity of the product or brand that you would want to market. Getting it done through the entertainment sector proves beneficial simply because any major celebrity related to hardcore entertainment is a house hold name and hence caters to the masses and classes alike. The Entertainment sector in India on the whole can be categorized into various industries or .panies depending upon the kind of services that they provide. If it is into news, advertisements and brand building it could be called a Media and Entertainment .pany in India, if it is into public relations and ensures that it bridges the gulf between the product and the targeted customers it is said to be a public relation agency in India. If the .pany conducts any live event that is related to highlighting any particular product launch or an important social event it is termed as an Event Management .pany in India. If it is into film production and distribution and other aspects of movie making it is termed to be a Movie Production .pany in India. An important aspect of brand-building or product marketing through films is called in-film marketing. Here the product to be marketed is presented through out the film. If a .pany is into sports entertainment and has the broadcasting rights to any major sporting event that has the curiosity of the public and is being conducted then it is termed as Sports Marketing .pany in India. Similarly if a .pany is solely into advertising it is termed as an advertising agency or advertising .pany in India. Entertainment presented online has also been a source of revenue to many. Online games, film websites and other related domains do arouse the interest of numerous visitors, and to have a business link posted to that website does help. There is a saying that Having a business and not advertising it, is like blinking at a girl in the dark. Entertainment in India today is all about money. Film celebrities shield out around 10 crores per annum as in.e tax, hence providing enough amount of evidence the kind of finance involved in the entertainment sector. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: