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What Can Happen Without A Flu Shot And With Abortions? By: Skip Conover | Dec 2nd 2011 – Every year when flu season .es around, I urge all of my friends to get a flu shot. Ironically, I wouldn’t be here if my Grandfather’s fiancé had gotten one. You see, at the time of the great flu epidemic of 1918, my Grandfather was about to marry someone who was not my Grandmother. Tags: The Us Bed Bug Epidemic By: Genny Brown | Oct 24th 2011 – In this article, we cover topics that have led to the bed bug epidemic in the US and provide free informational links that the homeowner can access to effectively prevent and detect bed bugs. Tags: Bed Bug: Detection And Prevention By: Genny Brown | Oct 14th 2011 – Bed Bugs are experiencing a resurgence after fifty some odd years of being at near extinction. In this article we focus on the epidemic of bed bugs and how to prevent them from entering your home. Tags: Oxycontin Epidemic In Canada Was Rampant By: Brandon Allen | Aug 28th 2011 – Oxycontin epidemic was gradually spreading all over Canada due to its rampant use as a painkiller. The oxycontin epidemic was gradually spreading to the underdeveloped regions of the U. S. The oxycontin in canada is fast spreading and is also known as "��hillbilly heroin"�� where the pill is a totally crushed and it is then … Tags: Epidemic Of Child Obesity By: lynthomas | Jul 11th 2011 – Obesity in children under the age of 11 years old has now reached epidemic proportions. Tags: Diabetes The Worldwide Epidemic By: michyq5tri | Jul 10th 2011 – Diabetes is an ever increasing epidemic around all parts of the world. Each year there are millions of new cases of diabetes being diagnosed. Tags: Gray Hair Epidemic: 200% Rise In Untimely Graying In Females Below 30 By: Frederica Hegney | May 29th 2011 – Twenty years in the past, only 18% of British females under 30 reported possessing gray hair. Today, that figure has jumped to 33% "�" all within a solitary generation! Has living be.e more stressful or is some thing else leading to this veritable epidemic of grayness? Tags: Surgical Weight Loss Clinics In Tampa Help Alleviate Obesity Epidemic By: Tiffany Jessee | Mar 21st 2011 – There is now evidence that weight loss surgery can play an active role in diminishing the effects of this epidemic. One place where this is evident is Tampa, Florida, where weight loss surgeons have observed tremendous results in their patients. Tags: Healthy Foods To Lose Weight – Revesing The Obesity Epidemic By: bobrwgtpry | Feb 15th 2011 – There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding healthy foods to lose weight. With the America’s growing epidemic of obesity and childhood obesity it’s no wonder that… Tags: Diabetes Epidemic – Over.ing And Reversing The Symptoms Of Diabetes By: Terry Robbins | Feb 14th 2011 – Diabetes is be.ing a problem for many people and you may have just received this diagnosis or know someone with this disease. Diabetes continues to increase year after year and about half of diabetics do not even know that they have this debilitating disease. Dealing with the diabetes epidemic and over.ing diabetes and … Tags: Despite Obesity Epidemic, Children Opt Out Of Gym Class By: Camp Shane Office | Dec 23rd 2010 – Despite the obesity epidemic in the United States, some students are being given the option to opt-out of physical education class. It is very important for a child or teenager to eat properly and participate in physical activity daily. Tags: Obesity In Children And Teens: What To Do To Prevent This Medical Issue By: Steven Henderson | Nov 22nd 2010 – Child obesity is now regarded as an epidemic affecting children and teens throughout the world Tags: The Epidemic Of Diabetes And The Symptoms To Watch Out For By: Terry Robbins | Nov 5th 2010 – Diabetes is continuing to grow at an alarming rate and about half of those with the disease do not even know that they have it in order to make the changes that they need to make to contain the disease. This article discusses the epidemic of diabetes and the symptoms to watch out for. Tags: Haiti Cholera Epidemic Spread Has Caused Nearly 200 People Died By: jillian | Oct 24th 2010 – October 22, the Caribbean island of cholera epidemic GuoHai further spread, has nearly 200 people dead and more than 2000 people infected. Health department worried citizen temporary shelters may infected and foreign aid organizations are dispatched doctors and transport medical equipment. Tags: Florida Health Insurance: Can It Fight The Aids Epidemic? By: Wiley Long | Aug 31st 2010 – Florida may lead the nation in HIV/AIDS cases, but Health Insurance in Florida has something new to help reduce the epidemic. New breakthroughs in federal AIDS research, the first federal plan to reduce AIDS and more federal funds to help states meet the challenge have led the Florida Department of Health to designate July … Tags: Is There An Epidemic Of Infertility In Women ? By: Louisa Rose | Aug 22nd 2010 – Infertility in women seems to be reaching epidemic proportions and experts are claiming it is because more and more women are overweight or obese. Guess what ladies; it is possible to experience the miracle of carrying life and giving birth at most weights and in various stages of physical health. Treating infertility in wo … Tags: Weight Loss, Are You Part Of The Epidemic? Obesity Takes Over! By: Dr. Kenneth Ross, D.C., J.D. | Aug 17th 2010 – Obesity is a growing Epidemic in the United States. One local Altamonte Springs Chiropractor reaches out to his .munity to educate others on the importance of Weight loss, lifestyle changes, and reversing chronic disease processes associated with being overweight. Tags: Usa & Uk Obesity Rates Reach Epidemic Proportions By: Sam Brook | Jun 25th 2010 – USA & UK Obesity Rates Reach Epidemic Proportions. We would like to share with you some straight to the point facts about the issues that are hitting us with being over-weight Obese. The Statistics for the ‘UK & USA’ are extremely worrying so allow me to share with you some bold figures that are very up-to-date. Tags: Domestic Violence And Divorce – The Epidemic Facing Battered Mothers In Family Court By: Dr Jeanne King PhD | May 6th 2010 – Battered mothers in divorce court often look like "swine flu" survivors that haven’t realized they are part of an epidemic… Appreciate that in order for you to best navigate your proceedings, you will need to be informed about domestic violence and divorce and role of legal psychiatric abuse. Tags: How To Catch A Cheater And Fight Against The Epidemic Of Online Infidelity By: Ed Opperman | Apr 10th 2010 – Online infidelity is epidemic. But there is an easy way to catch a cheater online. Tags: A Homeopathic Swine Flu Treatment Is Most Ideal During A Swine Flu Epidemic By: Casey Miller | Feb 18th 2010 – Using the flu epidemic of 1918 as a learning example we can clearly appreciate the use and efficacy of a homeopathic swine flu treatment in tackling the 2009 swine flu epidemic and indeed any other that may arise in future. Tags: What Exactly Are We Doing About Childhood Obesity Epidemic? By: Erik Loebl | Feb 10th 2010 – There is a childhood obesity epidemic on the rise. It is considered a medical condition that is taking over the lives of children and teenagers all over the world today. You are created with your own shape and size however our bodies can store more body fat then needed. When it gets to be too much it is labeled as obese. Wh … Tags: Chlorinated Water In Swimming Pools – The Cause Of The Epidemic Of Allergy By: Michael Smith | Dec 15th 2009 – Banal lack of normal toilets in some parts of the globe is water pollution and deprives people of access to clean water. Tags: Diabetes: Another Epidemic On The Rise By: Charles Volcolatte | Nov 9th 2009 – In America, obesity has been declared as an epidemic. Alarming as this is, there is another disease that is beginning to afflict a large number of people nationwide. Diabetes is a growing health problem, in fact reported cases of it have shot up dramatically and it appears that the situation is getting worse. Tags: Why Is There An Epidemic Of Heel Pain? By: Dr Marybeth Crane | Oct 13th 2009 – Why is there an epidemic of heel pain in the US? Answers and timely tips to get better faster, and cheaper, without having to resort to voodoo tricks and potions. Help awaits your heel pain! Tags: The Swine Flu Around The Globe By: Eva Judge | Sep 8th 2009 – Many Australians are wondering how the swine flu epidemic will end up .paring to the bird flu. Already, it is obvious that the swine flu is causing more concerning problems than the last epidemic did. The WHO recently announced swine flu could infect 2 billion people, a stunning statistic. Tags: Obesity Epidemic – A National Emergency – It Is Crucial To Look At The Lifestyles We Have Acquired By: Paul Oliver | Jul 20th 2009 – The obesity epidemic condition in America outweighs the gravity of the problem in every country in the world which should proclaim this health hazard as a National emergency. Is it not ironic and absurd that a part of human population suffers from obesity epidemic when nearly half of the population on earth is dying out of … Tags: Obesity In Children- A True Epidemic By: linette schavo | May 28th 2009 – In the past fifty years, children’s gene have not changed, but obesity has be.e a true epidemic. All over the united states, more children are seriously overweight than ever before . At the same time, more children are developing the form of diabetes that normally affects only obese adults. Tags: How To Be Prepared For, But Not Paralyzed By Fear Of The Swine Flu Epidemic By: Robert Puff | May 1st 2009 – This article is about the April/May 2009 swine flu epidemic, but the article teaches people how to handle any fearful situation, especially when people feel powerless. Tags: The Worldwide Pandemic Of Overweight Children Must Be Addressed Straight Away By: Jake Le Fleur | Apr 1st 2009 – For the last year or two the child obesity epidemic is more and more prominent on the news. Obesity in a child can aggravate the risk for more child health issues like diabetes, dyslipidemia, heart health issues, lack of sufficient bone density, sleep problems, psychological symptoms and gastro-intes Tags: The Vintage Clothing Epidemic! By: Emma Brown | Mar 18th 2009 – Vintage clothing, by it’s very definition, is by no means new. But the concept of vintage fashion is fast gathering momentum and settling nicely into it’s guilded place on the high street and internet. So what is it that we love so much about vintage clothes? What are the reasons behind the worldwide vintage epidemic? Tags: Obesity Is Presently Considered An ‘epidemic’ Among People In The U.s., With 33% Of Americans Consid By: Richard Achey | Feb 15th 2009 – Being extremely overweight is presently considered an ‘epidemic’ in this nation, with 33% of the American people considered overweight and an astonishing 10% considered obese. Much of this is due to the degenerative American diet in the last forty years, with the rise of processed foods, and a busy w Tags: Mesothelioma And Asbestosis Global Health Epidemic On The Horizon By: Avi Solutionz | Dec 29th 2008 – The lung diseases asbestosis and mesothelioma have been proven for decades to be a result of asbestos exposure. Yet, asbestos continues to be mined, and employers still fail to protect workers from the dangers of asbestos. Faint warnings to the public have been made barely audible, and a deadly global health epidemic is l … Tags: Obesity In America By: Sharon Hussey | Oct 22nd 2008 – America, we have a huge problem obesity. You can’t deny it, every year our population is getting bigger. wherever you go, you are likely to see far more people who are overweight than those with a normal, healthy weight. All age groups are affected by the obesity epidemic, from the very youn Tags: American Obesity Rate By: Sharon Hussey | Sep 23rd 2008 – In America, we have a huge problem obesity. You can’t deny it, each year our population is getting bigger. wherever you go, you are likely to see far more people who are overweight than those with a normal, healthy weight. All age groups are affected by the obesity epidemic, from the very yo Tags: Why We Get Fat By: Sharon Hussey | Sep 7th 2008 – America, we have a huge problem obesity. You can’t deny it, every year our population is getting bigger. wherever you go, you are likely to see far more people who are overweight than those with a normal, healthy weight. All ages are affected by the obesity epidemic, from the very young to t Tags: Why Americans Are Fat By: Sharon Hussey | Jul 17th 2008 – America, we have a big problem obesity. You can’t deny it, each year our population is getting bigger. wherever you go, you are likely to see far more people who are overweight than those with a normal, healthy weight. All ages are affected by the obesity epidemic, from the very young to the Tags: Fat Unhealthy People By: Sharon Hussey | Jul 9th 2008 – In America, we have a big problem obesity. It’s impossible to deny, each year our population is getting bigger. Everywhere you go, you are likely to see far more people who are overweight than those with a normal, healthy weight. All ages are affected by the obesity epidemic, from the very y Tags: Can An Epidemic Of Dog Diarrhea, Canine Cancer, And Other Illnesses Be Cured Naturally? By: Stephen Becker | Aug 15th 2007 – Today, Diseases like dog diarrhea, diabetes, Crohns Disease, and IBS, are epidemic. Unknown diseases are frequently misdiagnosed! Almost every dog over the age of ten has some form of canine cancer. The number of dogs maintained long term on prescription medication is at an all time high. The pain, suffering, and expense ar … Tags: The Hepatitis Epidemic By: Tony Isaacs | Jul 14th 2007 – Today, an estimated 5 million Americans are infected with Hepatitis C – and most of them don’t know it. That is 1 out of every 50 people…..and some will be people you know. One out of every 10 Veterans is infected, 62% of Vietnam Vets have it. Three people with Hep C die every day, two of them are Veterans. … Tags: America Is Suffering From An Obesity Epidemic By: Scott Meyers | Jun 8th 2007 – 66 million Americans are clinically obese. That means that they have more than 30% fat by body weight, when a ‘normal’ body should have less than 25%. Obesity has reached epidemic proportions over the past twenty years. Tags: The Epidemic Called Primary Pulmonary Hypertension (pph) By: Nick Johnson | Jan 15th 2007 – The Epidemic Called Primary Pulmonary Hypertension (PPH) Tags: 10 Possible Causes Of The Obesity Epidemic By: chester | Jul 18th 2006 – It’s well accepted that reduced physical activity and fast food are linked to obesity. But the evidence that these are the main causes of obesity is largely circumstantial. To stimulate debate, experts suggest 10 other possible causes of obesity, outlined in the International Journal of Obesity. Tags: Obesity – Not Everybody Agrees It Is An Epidemic By: Rick Hendershot | Feb 17th 2006 – Obesity has be.e such an important topic in health and self-improvement circles that it deserves its own "News and Views" column. Here is the February, 2006 issue. **Book claims obesity "epidemic" is a big lie In his new book, "Fat Politics: The Real Story Behind America’s Obesity Epidemic", … Tags: 相关的主题文章: