ESPN reports four years of the three crown SKT into the great dynasty Club shishangqiyi

ESPN reported: four years three SKT among the great crown Dynasty club on Saturday night at Staples Center All seats are occupied., SKT defended the first dynasty league history they created. In the cheers of the audience scream, SKT3:2 win over SSG, once again defending world finals champion, this is their four year third won the summoner cup. The best Faker cybersports players with outstanding performance this month was named the tournament MVP. Four years to win three titles. Faker is when the shame superstar, Bengi is accompanied by the men around him, coach Kkoma has seen it all. The temperament of this dynasty is easy to remind us of the traditional sports. Then Faker and SKT compared with Jordan, Pippen and Phil Jackson Brady and Bill · or legendary master Bailey (NFL; a new England patriots legend and coach), or Kobe O’neal, and how? The king of Korea: SK Telecom T1 (LoL) world champion: 2013, 2015, 2016SKT T1 involved in the gaming field has been 10 years of history, when I just enter the League project is not what an amazing move. But after they get the talented players Faker, A new force suddenly rises. made by the world’s top teams, and won the title in 2013. Their only flaw is missed the 2014 Summoner cup, they later fall into the trough in the middle of the season, was out of the former South Korean three edge global finals. Let SKT into the shadow of the white team to pick up the world champion, and quickly disbanded scattered to china. Bid farewell to the loss of 2014, SKT once again return to the peak, won the domestic league in the four season of the championship of the three. In 2015 they won the world finals championship with 15 wins and 1 negative results, they win this year’s road is very difficult, semi finals and finals are hard five game. Bull Dynasty: Chicago Bulls (NBA) champion: 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1998Faker in the traditional sports community is the most common counterpart Michael · Jordan and former bull. Faker, Bengi, and and Kkoma combination can also be compared with Jordan, Pippen, Phil Jackson. At least three World Championship and the South Koreans can shoulder the bulls in 90s. The bull has experienced two consecutive three, after Jordan made a three consecutive run to play baseball, the Bulls lost leader O’neal magic. Jordan once again led the Bulls back again scored second consecutive three. There is a Jordan first retired conjecture is that he has no rivals and challenges. In late 90s, Dayton and Malone snooker jazz and O’neal has made the highest level of magic Jordan had to play their personal occupation career, and won the championship at the edge of the cliff. This is different from Faker, after winning the three championship, he has considered the world stage next year.相关的主题文章: