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Home-and-Family Most people consider tobacco synonymous with cigarettes since it is the main raw material for the production of cigarettes. It .prises of two main building blocks, nicotine, which is very addictive and tar that has many medical harmful effects. To save people from these harmful effects, innovators came up with the electronic cigarette that has no tobacco. It looks and has the same effect as tobacco but makes it possible to reduce and eventually stop craving for nicotine. Unlike the ordinary ones, it is inconspicuous since it does not have any odor and is invisible. This eliquid is environmentally friendly and thus many activists are friendly towards it. It has no effect on other parties therefore non-smokers can live in peace with smokers. The functional .ponents for this device include the cartridge that is also the mouthpiece. It contains a liquid, which vaporizes to release the vapor that resembles smoke. This contains the nicotine that smokers crave. It is odorless and thus does not affect third parties other than the smoker. The cartridge is small in stature and most are disposable with openings at both ends that make it the best suited for the body of the cigarette. The user puts his or her mouth at one end and puffs while the other end has an attachment for the heating element. The other .ponent is the atomizer. This is responsible for heating up the liquid to vaporize it. Its action is similar to that of a heating element or coil found in other devices. It uses a battery power source that eliminates the need for a lighter. It has a filament that is similar to that of a bulb. It draws the liquid through a metal mesh that makes its work a lot easier. The batteries and heating element are attached to this mesh and thus they act dependent on this part. The whole device depends on the power supply system for survival. Without this system, it would be unable to generate heat to vaporize the liquid. The lack of vapor means that there will be no nicotine and thus the effectiveness would be unachievable. It is mainly made up of lithium ion cells. Some manufacturers raised concerns about the expense incurred in the production of these devices and thus came up with a new plan. This was the cartomizer, it integrated the cartridge, and atomizer into one .ponent that was cheaper to manufacture and is easily disposable incase of degradation. The different manufacturers all have different variations of the product. One of the key differences is that some use the lithium ion option while some use the dry cells. These all have different uses since the dry cells are non-rechargeable while the lithium ion cells are rechargeable. Others have fixed power sources through USB cable since they can be connected to power sockets. There are many variations on the cutting elements on the product depending on the manufacturer. One of these fundamental differences is that of flavor. 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