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Expert: high iron Xiangjiang words connected to the national news agency, to the new network in the world – in September 24 Hongkong Xinhua: expert Xiangjiang high iron: connected to the national news agency in the world, to the reporter Yang? 24 is "caike Expo 2016 in Hongkong, the first day of the opening night, the China high iron a forum of experts and people from all walks of life caused by the people of Hongkong, hundreds of seat venue soon to be filled. "Here’s a high iron wave?" Officiating guests, the chairman of the board of directors of the non executive chairman of the board of directors of Hong Kong Railway Corporation Limited did not fall, almost everyone raised his hand. He then cited the railway development in Hongkong played a significant role, and to their own experience, for example, said the sense of convenience brought by the railway. This called "go to the world China high iron" forum as the keynote speaker at Beijing Jiaotong University professor Jia Limin. He has long been engaged in the teaching and scientific research of high speed railway, intelligent transportation, rail transportation and other fields. Review of Chinese high-speed rail development, Jia Limin believes that high-speed rail is a national science and technology capacity, industrial capacity and management capability synthesizer show. Why does China develop and continue to develop high-speed rail? Because high-speed rail to support the overall development of society, while promoting and leading its related industries, science and technology, etc.." Jia Limin said that China’s rapid development of high-speed rail, connectivity throughout China, the formation of an hour economic circle". However, due to the large demand space, China will continue to vigorously develop high-speed rail. He showed Chinese "eight vertical and eight horizontal" high-speed railway network planning and special mention of "two" vertical "and Hongkong related". When the icon to display the screen cut to Eurasia railway network, Jia Limin has left the stage in front of the screen, pointing to Hongkong where, say its important position in the railway network. Through the high-speed rail, Hongkong not only by sea to the world, but also through the overland traffic go west." The subsequent Roundtable links, Hongkong Professional League president, Hong Kong Railway Corporation Limited independent non-executive director Liu Bingzhang said that Hongkong has the argument that the development of high-speed rail will also bring bad influence. Jia Limin admitted that the construction of high-speed rail in the mainland has a similar argument, because of the high cost of operating a burden. "I replied at that time that the high-speed rail is a global infrastructure for the national strategy, and can not be evaluated in a microeconomic perspective." He explained that high-speed rail to bring inter regional interaction, so that the overall cost of social decline, the whole society to enhance the value of assets. When the high Tielian into the larger network, can be decided the degree of interaction between regions. High speed rail is also an important channel through Hongkong to the mainland to the world." How to solve the problem of information security?" The new technology can be faster?" "How to strengthen service management?" There is no lack of in-depth understanding of the audience of high-speed rail, eyes have to focus on the issue of industry. Jia Limin answer one by one, and said the rapid progress of the domestic high-speed rail technology, but also to improve the management and service. After the forum, many listeners still continue to consult and Yiyouweijin, to the front of a photo. Organized by the United Nations Fund in Hongkong, "the creation of science Expo 2016" for a period of 8 days, divided into aerospace, aviation相关的主题文章: