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False "new home" came out through (deep reading) — Law — people.com.cn in late August, the "September Shanghai city will implement the purchase of credit" new "credit policy tightening" rumors circulated on the internet. During this period, the Shanghai real estate market is not a small vibration, a housing contract amount of a way to meet up, there are records of Shanghai real estate trading center data media, at 16:15 on August 30th, the day Shanghai houses 1470 sets of transactions, compared with the previous day the same time exceeds about 400 sets, 1000 sets of 4 consecutive days to break. Due to rumors that "the provisions of the September new home", "after September, divorce less than one year of purchase, the purchase and loan policy in accordance with the family before the divorce process", Shanghai and even divorce, the civil affairs department to handle limited number. In August 29th, the Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee through the "Shanghai publishing" in response to "the purchase of credit deal rumors", said "not on such a policy, but the market is not cool, rumors are still in geometry speed by forward propagation. After the rumors, Shanghai police set up a task force to carry out investigation. On the evening of September 8th, Shanghai police said it had arrested 7 suspected malicious fabrications, rumors spread rumors. At the same time, according to the Shanghai city net letter office closed 5 WeChat public number. September 10th, the Ministry of housing, the relevant person in charge said on the matter, such rumors mislead consumers, disrupt the market order, social impact. Shanghai city departments to seriously investigate, worthy of praise. The rumor was one million forwarding amount of reading according to the police investigation, August 22nd 11 am, the sales manager of Shanghai Jinfeng enjoysmart Real Estate Consultants Ltd. Shen, released a message for the 3 time in the company’s employee of WeChat communication group: "it has received a notice, due to the recent land auction price is too high, municipal departments will be held the meeting next week, plans in September to adjust the bank loan policy, not do not finish the trial of the loan contract as soon as possible please press, the tightening of credit policy great efforts." The rumor was spread to the well-known forum Shanghai fence caused widespread concern. In August 24th, I love my family, manager of real estate brokerage companies and real estate sales area Zhao Zhang, also rumors in WeChat group: "emergency notification: September 1st Shanghai headquarters received notice, the implementation of the new restriction policy. Housing recognize loan, where there are Chinese loan records first fangshoufu will be increased to 50%, two suites will be increased to 70%, regardless of local field, regardless of commercial housing, whether or not to pay off the loan to pay off, as long as there are even China loan records. To sign the time, before September 1st to buy a house is not affected by the policy. There is a demand for customers, please tell each other, limited time." In August 24th, a Shanghai IT company to attract the eye of a Ni deliberately fabricated similar rumors, released in Shanghai famous forum "fence net", quickly forwarded by a large number of users. These rumors quickly reached the level of reading million, and the rapid growth in the real estate market. All of these suspects admitted to fabricating policy for the promotion of why to fabricate the information? It is understood that Shen is the main agent of the company in the primary market,相关的主题文章: