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Fan Bingbing studio issued a statement: the order problem did not happen – Huazhong Normal University news conference poster Sohu Fan Bingbing studio that Fan Bingbing studio issued a micro-blog entertainment news Sohu   October 24th, Fan Bingbing in the movie "I am not Pan Jinlian" conference at the Huazhong Normal University in Wuhan music hall, suddenly asked to step down from. October 25th, Huazhong Normal University responded that it is for security considerations. Subsequently, Fan Bingbing studio issued a statement at micro-blog, said to fully understand and cooperate fully with the emergency situation and all activities in the worry, and the activity ended smoothly, parties concerned about the order did not happen. The evening of October 25th, the official micro-blog Fan Bingbing studio issued a statement, said: "Bing Bing in the film publicity, receiving work, work conscientiously, expressed full understanding and to cooperate fully with the emergency situation and the activities of the parties concerned. The day of the successful completion of the event, the parties did not worry about the order of the scene occurred." The statement said the studio and three weeks ago received a notice of the crew, not the biography did not receive notice of the presence of Fan Bingbing". The full text of the statement: the studio got to notice 3 weeks ago, miss Fan Bingbing will go to Wuhan, and director Xiaogang Chun Yun teacher together for the new campus roadshow this month 24 days. Road show is a routine part of the film, the actors need to do is to get a job, and outstanding and dedicated to complete the work. 24, the same day in the afternoon in Wuhan, Fan Bingbing media interviews, in-depth interviews, the original arrangements for the media to participate in the campus on the night to see the film, ahead of the interview to a small range of screenings. Wuhan media have also learned that Fan Bingbing’s trip was done on campus roadshow that night. 24 on the evening, we went to school before the start, received a notice, the scene for security reasons, so that the director, screenwriter, the first teacher to enter the two, we wait outside the school on standby. Waiting for about an hour after the crew received notice, the activities of the order of stability, will be taken by the school teacher. After admission, the venue college friends warm and polite, enthusiastic and orderly questions, the atmosphere is very good, there is no order problem. But after playing ten minutes after receiving notice, due to security pressure, worried about the emergence of order, requiring us to leave early, we also understand and cooperate. Fan Bingbing in the film publicity, received a job, seriously complete the work, the activities of the sudden situation and the parties concerned expressed full understanding and full cooperation. The day of the successful completion of the event, the parties did not worry about the order of the scene occurred. The above facts, in order to explain. Hope you don’t speculate. Finally, I wish the Huazhong Normal University students academic success, happy life. Thank you all.相关的主题文章: