Feng Ke, together with the woman appeared at the scene of the scene burst into tears of excitement, aquaria

Jane Zhang Feng Ke appeared together the conference site moved to tears open letter Tencent entertainment news October 9th a letter of Jane Zhang’s mother Ms. Zhang Guiying caused heated debate on the Internet, the letter clearly opposed to Zhang mother daughter and Feng Ke’s marriage, she said Ke Feng lied to her daughter when the mistress, and indecent life style. Zhang also said that Feng Ke and his daughter married just to control her daughter’s property is not really love her daughter. This Feng Ke in the afternoon of 9 micro-blog long response, said all his marriage property belong to Jane Zhang and his total, I will cherish a lifetime love of Jane Zhang Jane Zhang. On the afternoon of 9 Jane Zhang attended the "Jane Zhang and her friends sing the Pacific concert conference in Chengdu. Feng Ke accompanied by Jane Zhang appeared in the venue. When Jane Zhang appeared depressed choked several times. Jane Zhang said today the mood may not be good, but she is a professional artist, will remember why he had to go to Beijing, to know their end point in what direction, before attending or delicate dress, because know cry flowers makeup of their own ugly, people always want their happiness, love and her own life, good are willing to accept the bad. She will remember well, no matter what kind of problems can be faced with the hope that all the good.相关的主题文章: